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Monday, 30 July 2012


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Jen Hart

Well done Alexa, it would be so easy to not bother when things are difficult wouldn't it.

What is helping me start this Monday morning? The fact that I am on holiday for ten days from Thursday :D Have a good week.


The sun is shining that's got to be a good start.........the gardens look very interesting and a bit tricky to negotiate but I'm sure it's worth it. Wishing you a good week too.


what a beautiful main photo. Here's hoping for a bit of sun to help us on our way.

Paul B

I recognise those gardens :) We've taken Nick's aged parent there too and had to be mindful of the trickier areas to walk. But it's one of her favourites places to visit when she's up here. Hope all the flowers were in full bloom for you to enjoy. Pxx

Julie Kirk

Looks like you had a great adventure - and in beautiful surroundings too!

What's helping me begin my week? Turning on the stereo expecting Radio 4 ... and having the CD kick into play instead blaring out a fabulous, uplifting, rip roaring [and loud] song called 'Good Times'! Hello Monday Morning!


Sometimes the difficult tasks are worth the effort, right?! Great photos. Looks like you enjoyed it.


What a lovely picture - with those unexpected splashes of red amongst the green.

Our week has started with a trip to the school uniform shop; but we are going to pack it all away and forget about it for another few weeks now..


What a pretty spot for photos! How lovely!


that's a lovely photo on the bridge...looks like a wonderful place.

Knowing that I have a week off work next week helped me start the day with a spring in my step!


What great photos and great words to go with them.


Your prose again; grabbing! Turning the everyday into an enlightening, heart warming moment. Your children and grandchildren truly are going to have some wonderfully special memories thanks to your scrapbooks, blog, journaling, etc!

Jacky S

What a wonderful photo that last one is,Alexa....Himself got it just right.....and,like Sian, I love the splashes of red.


Oh the smiles... what a lovely way to begin my day... seeing your very special photo... thanks to himself... brought a smile to MY face... one step at a time... off to tend our garden... much in need of moisture here in the Rocky Mts. of Colorado...


Ooh Biddulph Grange is looking a bit wet ... Himself is taking good photos these days - nice to see you in them!

Karen Walker

What a lovely photo of the two of you on the bridge! I think it deserves a frame. I'm now counting the days (10) until we head south to meet up with Sarah and Adam in Atlanta. That will keep me going this week and next!


What a gorgeous place! I wonder where this is. The stepping stones must have brought back some fanstastic memories from more mobile time. We were in Dovedale in Derbyshire at the weekend but unfortunately we didn't find the stepping stones...ok, I didn't look very hard as I've done my walking quota for the year when we were in Dorset.


What a lovely photo of you both on the bridge! Having a few more days with DH at home has started my week off with a smile!
Alison xx


I love the photos of you and your Dad crossing the stepping stones, it's lovely he is game and ready to accept a challenge. The the one of you both on the bridge - just perfect. Your summary says it all xxx


Oh that last shot is just wonderful Alexa :o) It looks like a beautiful place to visit.


Great shots Alexa, I love the ones of you both crossing over the stones, it doesn't look easy but together you did it :)


What a lovely memory & that photo of y'all on the bridge is absolutely stunning! It's a busy week here, but a few get-togethers & lunch with friends is keeping me geared up for the long to-do list.


Very endearing photos... and you put a smile on my face with your words. Very sweet :)

Missus Wookie

Oh that looks like a gorgeous garden and those triumphant smiles are wonderful.

What is helping me this week? Counting down the tasks and the days until a bit of a breather, last tutorial until September today, two weeks until the building closes...

kate Adderley

Hi Alexa, thanks for your lovely words as always, sorry to mention the C word a bit early l know, glad to see your dad still getting around, its good to keep them active, the photos that himself took are so beautiful, your blog always makes me smile, keep up the good work.


Good to see you out and about Alexa. I love Biddulph Grange we were there last year.
I have e-mailed you a little tutorial on how I make my brushes in PSE I hope you understand it,see how you can play with it a little and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.Take Care.


And bless you for making the very most of the situation--and more than a lasting memory or two--even though the circumstances are difficult.

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