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Monday, 02 July 2012


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great LO lift and I know what you mean about objects on a slant

Jacky S

Such beautiful journaling,Alexa.


I have a lump in my throat... and it's nothing to do with food...Alexa.
I love Dallying in the dale, the layout ofcourse but espcially the words.


I suffer from straight-line-itis - or at least I'm either all straight or all wonky!
Lovely page - smashing photo!

Paul B

Another wonderful layout with beautiful journaling. Love the dotted border. Pxx

wendy b

Beautiful journalling and I love the 'straightness'


I so enjoy seeing how you use inspiration like this for your layouts!


Who'd have thought you could get scrapbook inspiration from a Waitrose magazine!


It's great to see how you get your inspiration. Lovely page and such heartfelt journaling xx

Jen Hart

Fishinspirational indeed. What a great capture of life right now, and I suffer the same too.

Jen Hart

I mean't I suffer from straightitis too :)


As always, a wonderful LO and I echo Sandie's words, precisely. I just truly admire how you share these precious memories we call life. Thank you.


Great stuff. I wish I saw things with your eye. I get the slant feeling as well sometimes it's just not right.


I love how you find inspiration in the everyday and I love that you used the word 'serendipity' on my blog! xxx

Karen Walker

I love seeing your inspiration pieces, and this story brought a giggle as well! (I'm not a fan of slanted elements either.)

Account Deleted

Lovely page - obviously inspired both by recipe book page design and love!


Gosh Alexa, I am so sorry not to have sent my commiserations earlier. I haven't been visiting blogs a lot recently due to family commitments. Only when I read your beautiful page did I realise and have now looked at your previous posting. What a sad time for you all. Your words must be of great comfort to your Dad. Sending a hug.


I will never cease to be amazed at how you can translate inspiration to a scrapbook page! And your words are so beautiful and eloquent. love it...


Straight photo strip is definitely the right way to go with this page. I love how you can "see" a design and translate it for scrapbooking.
The main photo and "two types of journalling" are wonderful. I like the dotted outline and the photo strip - they add a little extra "something"; but the main section is just very special.
How comforting it must be for your dad, to have you with him just now.
Have been thinking of you both...


I truly enjoy your "Himself" posts for the glimpse they give us of your relationship. You have a gift for noticing those ordinary yet special moments and then finding creative ways to preserve them in your blog posts and also in your scrapbook pages. This post proves both points.


Love your journalling..and your inspiration for this page!
Alison xx


I do like the strip on the side and the journaling which looks handwritten (opposite the formal font in the main body of the page... I would have liked to see a version with a slant though ;)

Missus Wookie

I agree with Wanda - I like the glimpses of his sense of humour and your relationship. Fun version of the design - I'm not sure I could have done the slanted either, although I'm getting better.


Alexa I am always in awe of how you go about creating :) It truly is an inspiration to see your thought process here. I love your use of bullets and that is a lovely photo of you looking up at your dad :)


Alexa you have the pure knack of taking the ordinary everyday and turning it into something beautiful.And it's so good to see that although your hearts must be heavy with grief you and your Dad are smiling through the pain.


I love your work, and wish I could scrapbook the way you do. Simple but brilliant!


Greatvinspiration for a page and I love the way yours has turned out. I like the strip straight :-)


I have to say I was wondering "what the heck is wrong with her?! if she is going to break away from vegetarianism couldn't she pick something better?!? lol Glad to see it was inspiration ;> I love what you did with your layout but more than that I LOVE the photo of you and your dad and your words as always are beautiful.


I too am a straight-line-ite! The tenderness in both layout and journaling reach to ones core and remind you about the balances we create in life and the shoulders one leans upon. Might need to give your inspiration a go, or lift yours... Hmmm...

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