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Monday, 23 July 2012


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Gorgeous and well deserved! :)


Yes, the seaside seems to perk up the most ill of child in Enid Blyton books - I can't say I disagree. Your photos are lovely Alexa, and it is lovely to see your post today.


yes sometiems only the sea will do - great photos of your adventure - look forward to the layout


Looks like you had a great adventure did you drink lashings of lemonade as per all good Enid Blyton tales? I think some of those photos would be perfect for Rindas scavenger hunt


So glad you managed time a way, a different space and time can make a world of difference. The photos are beautiful.
I am just packing the camper for a week away with my daughter and granddaughters - and we are taking a copy of Enid Blyton with us! It will be their first introduction so hope they like the adventures of the famous 5 - because we shall be 5 too!
Lovely to see your post, Alexa.

Paul B

Looks a wonderful place to get away for a mini adventure :) I'm in total agreement that sometimes only the sea will do. For me, it's so I can just sit and listen to the sound of the waves and stare in wonder at the horizon. Puts me in a perfectly relaxed state. Love the photo of you on the bridge, such a lovely, beaming smile. Pxx


ahhh many hours were spent lost in Enid Blyton adventures! Your photos are lovely x


Looks like a wonderful weekend! Glad you could get away all together:)

Jacky S

There is nothing like the seaside for healing and recuperating and knitting together.


Beautiful photographs Alexa. The seaside is a wonderful place to restore and regroup. I hope that like the bird in your dusk photograph, your heart can soon soar and make you whole again.


I think I can smell the sea from here! The photos are wonderful, the smile on your face evn better. And yes, Famous Five is what I took with on out caravanning holidays many years ago




So glad you were able to get away. Your photographs (as always) are beautiful. The last one is particularly gorgeous. I'll be looking forward to seeing the scrapbook pages.


What a wonderful weekend! So glad you shared with us but moreso, that you had such a great getaway. Looking fwd to the scrapbook rendition.


P S. Those children's stories are unknown to me; they sound like fun.


Being near wayer especially the ocean always brings me peace and awe. So glad that ya'll were able to have that time. I have never seen or even heard of that kind of bell. The photo of the ropes is cool but my fave is the one of you :)


Lovely to see you Alexa. Great shots :o) I love the one of you on the brige and the texture of the rope. You'll get no argument from me about being by the sea. My favourite place to be xx


It looks like you enjoyed some fabulous weather and just what you needed.


I remember those books!! Read every single one of them and am so delighted to be reminded of them. What lovely pictures near and far Alexa!


glad you managed some time away..and thanks for the reminisce about Enid!
Alison xx

Jen Hart

Just the tonic, I imagine. The Island of Adventure was thrilling, just unputdownable. I evaded my mum and aunt all day to get that one read, no chore was going to catch me that day.


Welcome back - love your photos :o)


Sounds like a lovely refreshing adevnture!


Love the photos of you both, each smiling :)

Missus Wookie

So - there were no smugglers visible during your visit? Looks lovely and peaceful - nice to see you both smiling and relaxed.


Lovely photos and those books were my absolute favourite when I was a child!

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