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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


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This post is very nicely done with each sentence leading to some news or suggestion. I say no to the dress though as I find it a bit sad... the class looks pretty interesting and I will be looking forward to reading what you think of it :)

Karen Walker

Well, I actually rather like the color-blocked dress, though in black and gray it needs some dressing up with jewelry or a scarf. I, too, will be interested to hear what you have to say about the class. I'm at the beginning of a rather challenging photography course, and that will be that until I finish up some paper crafting ones I've yet to complete.

Jen Hart

Well mused, some links to follow through. Happy Midweek.


I love the dress actually it's very graphic. I'm also having a gray thing as well.

Paul B

Loving the template, eager to see how you use it :) And a wonderful set of musings, the online class especially looks rather good, I've got a couple of Alisas online workshops to do myself when I pull my finger out. Hope you managed to sleep well in this muggy, warm weather. Pxx

Jacky S

I quite like the grey and black version....think I'll pass on the coloured one though.


As the saying goes, I am in between classes. I really like the idea of consciously copying, you have inspired me to design some new templates!

Julie Kirk

Love the dress - very you. Very wabi sabi. Saves the effort of finding two separate items to wear!

I love the reminder to re-think our creativity. I recently had cause to think about what my current creative outlets were and at first thought I hadn't been 'making' as much as I used to ... then realised that crafting a blog was a pretty creative act! It's just not one involving a tangible object.

Lovely thoughts today Alexa.


love the humour contained here Alexa.


I like the dress! And thanks for the heads up on that lovely class:) I've signed up!


Yes! Yes! Saw it, thought of you. It has to be a yes. I'm fancying an autumn follow-on to my summer nautical stripes, with some new Breton tshirts.

You asked me if I had bought anything in the shop in Denmark - some Marimekko napkins, which I think might be very you too!


Lovely post Alexa..and I DO like the Alexa dress!
Alison xx

kate Adderley

hi Alexa, LOL- funny post, love the bit about the door superviser


Very nicely done Alexa :) Not sure about the dress, it seems very grown up! However the description says it's sophisticated, very much like your digital layouts and comfortable, which is how I feel when I visit here xx


Thanks for the links to all of your new and exciting findings. And - I just love that color palette. Beautiful and soft...


the dress is beautiful alexa :) I actually like the coloured version, but think you might prefer the grey one :) the class also looks quite interesting, I've not taken one of her classes, one time I will sign up!

PS - I posted a link to the lemon potato recipe :)


Fun post, Alexa! I'm just catching up... it's been a busy few weeks!
If you like the dress, then it must be a good plan (but if you don't no-one will mind, you're not obliged!).
I love the idea of a course that teaches you "Door Supervision" - Level 2, no less... that's just about an 'O' Level!
The "Copy Conciously" idea sounds interesting - so long as it's taken with the "Tell / Show the Truth" idea and also "Copy Conscientiously" - plagiarism is such a big problem just now and it is definitley not right to copy without first considering whether it is "the right thing to do". It's frustrating, distressing and hurtful when someone copies your work without permission and takes the credit for your ideas and/or hard effort. Please people, copy if you will, but Copy with a Conscience and when appropriate Ask First!

Glad you have been able to relax and enjoy the nice weather. Have a good weekend!

Missus Wookie

I personally was most disappointed to discover that when the insurance company said, "You have to wait until you have a drying certificiate" to discover it was nothing to do with tea towels...

Glad you've realized that creative stuff can be other and are o.k. with that. Been thinking of you, hope things are starting to settle down a bit. Enjoy the new class too.

Missus Wookie

should say - the insurance company was talking after the first flood.


The Ode to Nature course looks really interesting Alexa. I look forward to hearing more about it as you take part.


Alexa - what great links in this post. Thank you so much. They are exactly what I needed to read today~


I do like the dress and I think it would lovely on you. I got very excited when I spotted the stickers in the front of the catalogue.

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