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Thursday, 28 June 2012


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Karen Walker

How right you are! My mother died when I was just twenty years old. I have found almost no photos of the two of us as she was the only one taking photos, and only one (just one!) of my father, mother, brother and I. It's tragic, and I do make sure I am in at least a few of the photos every time I'm with my family.

Karen Walker

Oh, and those are lovely photos of you and your mother. I love the expressions on both your faces. I have to admit, most of our photos are more posed, and therefore, missing this special feeling. I'm taking note.


What a great reminder Alexa! Love the photos - you can see the joy in both your faces.


You have given us all something to think of Alexa :) It's so nice to see how happy your mum is in these photos. A real treasure to have.


Oh Alexa, I am tearing up as I read this post... you are so, so right to remind us of taking (and keeping!) the not so perfect pictures and more importantly of getting in front of the camera with the ones we love. I really need more photos of me with my parents, really... thank you!


Yes, you are right - I need to make more of an effort. These two photos are beautiful and I appreciate you sharing them with us.


you are so right

Jen Hart

So true, I hate myself in photos, but when I see myself occasionally with my boys or others in my family I am drawn to it. I am so glad you have some that you love.

Jacky S

It is so true,Alexa.....I have very few photos with me in as I'm the one taking them as well.....a timely reminder.....and I love the naturalness of these two.

Paul B

Totally agree. Px

Julie Kirk

Beautiful, wise, touching. Everything I'd ever expect from a visit here. xx


Such a poignant post. It's more important to have any photo at all rather than none, you can never recapture those moments, those memories.


Excellent advice Alexa - I need to relinquish control of my camera a little more - it would be nice for others to know I was with them on days out, holidays and parties!
Love those two shots - very candid

A Facebook User

Aww Alexa, how very true and those are 2 very special and i bet much treasured photos :) Ali Doc


So very very true. I'm reading karen's comment too and thinking that I have no photos of me with my dad after the age of about three. So I'll be handing the camera over and thinking about taking more pictures of my pair with their dad too.

The family resemblance here is striking and moving.


wise words alexa xxx beautiful photos of you with your mum.


What a lovely reminder & these are such happy photos showing a wonderful relationship between the two of you. I'm so glad you have them!


Oh Alexa, what a post. Am in tears. I distinctly remember, in the minutes after I received the phonecall telling me of my Dad's sudden and unexpected death, running around looking for photos of him, something that'd lead me to some tangible memories of the physical him. I found very few and all of them years old. He was always the one taking the photos of us. I also remember, distinctly, in the months after his death, flashes of him coming light lightning - his hair, his hands, his laugh, his shiny happy eyes. just flashes but, in my grief, so comforting. Thinking of you in your grief. A grief so profound changes you forever.


agree and... simply beautiful photos... sweet memories... xxoo


oh dear Alexa, I am in tears as my heart aches for you but also as I think of how incredibly precious these types of photos become. I have kept photos of my Mama that she hates but they are usually of her in the kitchen on a holiday. She will have been toiling for hours, not stopping to brush her hair or put on lipstick. She hates them but I know some day we will all be so glad I kept them. Thank you for reminding us and {{{hugs}}}


That is such a good point - I need to do more and echo Karen's comment. I have so few of me and my Dad as a teen/young adult. Beautiful photos. Brought tears - more hugs x


You can definitely see both the connection and the likeness between you both. I really wish I had more photos of my Dad and me. I've been trying to look for a certain photo for ages and can't find it anywhere. It's one of the two of us and it captures my Dad's sense of fun so perfectly. I'll keep looking. I think we forget how in a digital age we can capture these moments so easily. I'll try and look pleased when my Mum next produces her camera.


Forever treasure paired with just the right words. I wish I had similar photos of me and my mother. Thank you for sharing .

Missus Wookie

Amen. It's something I point out to people on a regular basis, stopping to offer my services to get everyone in and reminding them that they should be in the photos too. After my brother died I was so grateful for the few photos I had of him - mostly everyday ones and then the ones I took at his place of work/home while we cleared it.

So glad that you have those photos of you and your Mum - you can tell the love and loving relationship there too from the body language and smiles.


Yes, Alexa, you are so right. How lovely for you to have those pictures. I have none of my adult self, with my dad. The only picture of me with him, is from when I was only a little girl. He didn't like to have his picture taken - though I managed a few when we were teenagers and there are several with him and my sister together.
The pictures of you and your mother are lovely. The movement blur doesn't matter, because it's part of what was happening in the moment the picture was taken - part of the story of the picture, the moment, the people and your lives. That is what memories are made of - moments and people.
God Bless you Alexa - you're in my thoughts this week! X


Your relationship with your Mum shines from those images and I'm sure I'm not the only one welling up while reading your post. Your writing moves me like no other blog that I follow. You're in my thoughts Alexa xx


Your mother lives on in you Alexa, you have her smile. Use it often.


I don't really like having my photo taken so this is a really important reminder of something important I should do for me and for others in my family thanks Alexa xxx


How true xx

kate Adderley

Hi Alexa, thanks for the comment you left on my blog, lve just been looking back at some of your posts, and am sorry to hear about your mum, words are never easy to find at times like this and please know that you are in my thoughts, l love the words you have used here on this post, why is it that we never think to do these things when we have them here by our sides and then one day they are gone, your photos are treasured moments, thank god for cameras and memories , love kate


How very true Alexa and thanks for sharing this moment with us. I cling on the little flickers of light and life that come from my Mum as the Alzheimers that took her mind and memories is now slowly claiming her body as well. I'm so grateful for family photos and memories we have shared and keep them close to my heart. Your love and closeness with your mum shines through.


Tears in my eyes Alexa... Glad that you have those photos and grateful for your reminder.

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