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Monday, 21 May 2012


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Awww... Your morning sounds delectable Alexa!! Something for me to look forward to!


I think it is a universal truth that we all feel rushed and busy in the mornings, whatever we have on or planned for the day!

Jacky S

Your morning does sound a good way to start the day.


At the minute I'm readjusting to having a teenager at home in the mornings as he revises, soon it will be the school holidays.. although I'm not in class your carfeul thoughts on this prompts have got me thinking I should have a go at this one.

Oh, and cleaning the juicer? There is probably another whole post to be had from that job!

Paul B

Blimey! It may be calm but you pack such a lot into it. As I was reading it, I was thinking I'd misunderstood and that you were describing a typical weekend morning. Until I read to the end that is! I'm impressed. I too, love that smoothie recipe. We make one very similar but without the orange. The ginger is a gorgeous pep me up. Beautiful photograph of the drinks with the richness of colour and the bubbles on the surface. Looks like a professional shot. Px


Gosh when you start to write it down you realise how much you can acheive in a morning. Our mornings feel much less rushed by the simple fact that the oldest gets herself to school and leaves at eight. It makes so much difference to only have to chivy one person along.


It's the best of days when you can step outside and hear birdsong. What a wonderful start to the day. Your responsibilities are many and yet you don't describe it as hectic, it just unfolds for your reader. Thank you for sharing, Alexa.

Julie Jeavons

HHhhmmm. You've got me thinking. Maybe my morning only seems hurried because I don't get up as early as you.


Love that little Irish blessing at the end. And - I can so relate to this self-imposed 'hurry..hurry' in the morning. Me too - after years of herding children and teenagers - my mornings are now quiet.


You describe your morning so well and it sounds absolutely luscious! I love the time in the morning that I have all to myself. Which will be ending very soon - the girls only have two more weeks of school!


I hopped over here to check out your blog after you commented on mine... and found a delightful story of your morning routine.... I felt like I was there in the room with you sitting in a pool of sunshine and drinking tea... very enjoyable to read!


I hopped over to your blog after you left a comment on mine and found this delightful story describing your morning routine. I felt like I was there in the room, sitting in a pool of sunshine drinking tea... very nicely done. i hope to read more soon.


your morning sounds delightful! I am afraid though that I am not a morning person and find it really hard to get out of bed by 7am.


Sounds like a nice beginning to the day!


Sounds pretty divine to me!!! Ditto on the bird songs and first cup of tea :D

Katie B

Your photos continue to draw me in. So beautiful and the clean layout makes reading your words a joy.


Beautiful photo, Alexa. Love the two glasses side by side. Speaks volumes. Wonderful writing, as always. So evocative. Just wonderful.
P.S. I know I should just experiment but would love the 'beetroot mix' juice recipe - if/when you have a moment ;)


I love the beginnings to your day. - so peaceful and inviting , especially the stepping into the sun, wherever it is . And your morning drinks are so colorful and delicious looking.

Enjoy every morning

Jen Hart

Yes, sounds lovely and tranquil. I too love the morning, it's probably the only time I know will be quiet for me too. Although I like this time of night as everyone else goes to sleep too if i'm not tired. I quite like them all when they are awake of course too ;)

I like carrot, apple and ginger best although the juicer is away at the moment and the smoothie maker is out. I am being very boring at the moment with just banana and milk and a half teaspoon of peanut butter and a half teaspoon of honey :) Just enough till lunchtime!
It's a great class, just sitting down to do some journaling now. I have three days to do.


LOL...such a gentle, peaceful morning. TBH, mine are not bad now that the boys are more independent though from time to time I have to do the , "Have you remembered your piano books ?", "Have you emailed your teachers to be excused for piano lesson ?"


I loved reading this - your writing is so descriptive.

Missus Wookie

This is one of the posts I've actually written (this weekend is frantically busy) and was also thinking how different my morning is now to other times in my life. As I'm enjoying a bit of sunshine and the quiet of an early morning it resonated so with me.

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