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Friday, 18 May 2012


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How fortuitous that as I came by to say I'd "Liebstered" you ( http://just-jimjams.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/five-on-friday-4-blog-loving.html ), that there was a beautiful page and a lovely chatty post to read. I didn't know they sold such beautiful jewellery in Mlosmnijhdue though - I must look out for some myself if ever I'm passing ;o)


Your photo caught my eye but your memories brought on by the simple subject are very interesting to read, like a chain reaction of thoughts.


You are such a beautiful writer! Devouring your words is like tasting a delicious chocolate! Yes, there are memories that come back. Like the one about the time I took off my rings to peel mushrooms. Once the bench was cleared and the peelings discarded the wedding ring had vanished - never to be found again!

Jen Hart

Ahh Alexa, I spent all yesterday wondering why Ali started with this, then put those thoughts aside and started thinking. I actually did the mindmap as it was such disjointed thinking. From a start point of "well, I don't wear much" I sparked off into thinking about (and writing about) many thoughts I have and some which I didn't want to. I have a page made this evening which I love.

Your jewellery is just stunning and I totally agree with you, either your dress needs some pattern and you don't need anymore than a simple band or you need simple plain clothes and a wowser piece of jewellery. NEVER both. xx


Oh yes, Esther is right, you are a beautiful writer Alexa! I think Ali wrote on her blog, or perhaps it was in this weeks 52 Prompts newsletter, that sometimes a big writing project can leave you feeling as though you have had enough - this was not the case for her this time. I have a feeling I will be the same.
I wear almost no jewelry and most of the pieces I have are heirlooms or were bought when the children were born - each and every piece has its own unique story. So of course I can see that I could go on and on with stories well after the class is finished!

Thank you for sharing your page, it is a stunning design and lovely to read.


Of course, this class is going to spark LOTS of thoughts and memories. I filled a 12x12 page and could have written more! Love the template you've created for this!

Katie B

what a great photo! really scroll stoppingly beautiful.


Fabulous writing Alexa, as always. Will certainly be looking out for that signet ring next time we meet.

Paul B

Fascinating to read Alexa. And yes, I can completely understand how you start, thinking you have little to say on a subject and suddenly there opens up a whole wonderment of stories. Jewellery plays little regard in my life too, I thought but as I stopped to muse after reading your post, instantly about four stories came to mind lol. As for wedding rings, has your OH thought about supergluing them to your finger. it would be less hassle in the long run lol. Pxx


What wonderful glimpses into your past and present through a surprising subject. Can't wait to read more.


A very clever prompt I think - yours is the second I haveread. What they both had in common was an admission to not wearing much and then some lovely memories about items in their collection. The class sounds like it will provide some interesting stories.


Oh what a beautiful layout for those 31 posts! Did you created it or is it a basic template you can find on the web? I love it! Very beautiful picture also. :)


I have enjoyed the posts I have seen based around this prompt so very much! each one has been different and thoughtful and thought provoking..and - perfect.


What a gorgeous collection of jewellery. Beautiful and unusual.

Jacky S

The jewellery you chose to photograph is just lovely....very much something I would wear.


Alexa, have tears in my eyes. So poignant, the description of your Mum and her jewelry box. Beautiful writing. Made my day - thanks!


I read your beautifully written posts alexa and you always make me think....if only I could write as beautifully as you. Not one for jewellery either.


You have done it again Alexa.
As you say, once memories start unfolding they can carrry on and on.
I so love visiting and feeling uplifted by your beautiful words, so please keep unfolding....


The jewellery on your page is beautiful..as are your words- some great memories there!
Alison xx


Thoroughly enjoyed looking at and reading your 31 post/entry. Elegantly stated and presented...as always. I am taking the class, too; haven't made a page, yet. You've Inspired me to get off the dime. Thx. Looking fwd to your next story.

Missus Wookie

Oh my worry with this class was finding the time - I looked at my calendar already over full, but then decided to give myself this block of time. I'm jotting notes as well as writing things out long hand - for a couple I suspect I could easily do more than the block she gives us. Haven't decided on the format yet either so shall gather fragments and write stories, think of photos and combine them later.

Jewelry is a favourite of mine - but combined with neutrals as you mentioned. One of the reasons I decided to join in was the thought I'd enjoy reading other's too. I'll share later when I get time...


I love visiting your blog Alexa! The visuals that pop into mind from your musings are enjoyable. The snippets of life! It is uncanny how one thought leads you in such a varied number of wanderings, isn't it!

Karen Walker

This is just wonderful! I finally broke down and joined the class. Wrote the piece on jewelry while on the road in Oregon, and the one on books on the plane. Still have two to catch up with and there'll be a new one tomorrow. Nothing scrapped as yet, but that will come. Like you, I've found that writing both pieces has prompted other stories which I want to write as well. I, too, am now wearing my third wedding ring--one replaced because it caused a rash on my finger in hot weather and one lost.

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