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Monday, 14 May 2012


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Nice to see you back Alexa and hope everyone is recovering well - medical matters have certainly dominated. What lovely post to receive!

Paul B

Glad to hear everyone is on the road to recovery in your fold. It must be a small slice of joy each time, when in amongst your hectic days, there is waiting for you, a beautiful creative piece of mail art. Moments to treasure :) And isn't it always the way that online classes are like the proverbial buses. I have several self-paced ones which are still awaiting my attention. Have a good week Alexa. Pxx


Your buses are certainly all arriving at once Alexa - welcome home, hope all are recovering!


I am starting to worry about the amount of writing that is ahead for Ali's class, but, I think it will be worth it in the end!

It's great to see you pop up in my reader today Alexa, you have been missed! I hope all the patients continue to make a recovery and that you manage to carve out some time for yourself amongst all of the caregiving!

Julie Kirk

such a lovely post Alexa - the fact that you take time to honour things like this speaks volumes about you, I'm sure.

I didn't know where to pin you today - I was spoilt for choice! In the end I've popped you on the Going Postal board: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/going-postal/

I hope oyu get somethign from each of those classes - I need to go back and pay more attention to the latest one I took - before the content vanishes for good!

Have a lovely week ahead.

Julie x

Julie Jeavons

Oh the first mail art exchange post I have read (and mine is still on my desk waiting to be finished (shame on me!))
Glad Himself and the other patients are all on the mend.


Welcome back Alexa! What a lovely collage you created of all the beautiful things you have been receiving in the mail. Love that string of butterflies! Will be seeing you in class - I'm excited for 31 Things!


So happy to see you back on line. I have been thinking of you and the patients but haven't wanted to intrude. Good news on the recovery fronts. A lovely post of the mail you have received, thank you for sharing. Can't wait for updates on your new courses but do manage to rest in-between. You deserve it!


Much loveliness among all the other things you have been dealing with!


My first visit via Going Postal. I will be back.

Jen Hart

Hello Alexa and so glad to hear everything is going ok. I am sorely tempted by Ali's class, I haven't done one of hers before.

I love all your gifts, wonderful xx Take care of yourself too.


Those butterflies are just exquisite, what a great idea. So pretty and delicate. Hope that the patient makes a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing back in blogland again very soon.

Jacky S

How lovely to receive such 'happy mail'.....and the butterflies are just wonderful.


Wow that's lots of happy mail lucky you. 4 online classes Alexa? Good luck :)


you're going to be busy for quite some time yet - enjoy your classes.
Love your college of happy mail.


Hoping you'll decide to join in, Jen - it would be lovely to see you there!


Hello and welcome, Bernice! Looking forward to getting to know you :).


Wey-hey, Cheri! Looking forward to seeing you too! Are you all ready?


Thank-you, Julie - that's lovely of you. :)

Lisa H

Hi Alexa. So happy my happy mail arrived in one piece and you've found a home for the banner. And I'm glad that I hit the mark with a few of the words and phrases. I have to say that I struck lucky with "dance" - I must admit that it was just fluke on my part. But it's nice that it worked for you. I knew you would appreciate the German phrases though :-)


Yes, I understand the 'beginning to worry', Amy. I'm having to think realistically about it too.


Thank-you, Lynn! Yes, recovery good on two out of three ... and touched you were the first one to post this morning. :)


Oh, happy mail is just the best!


I'm very tempted by Ali's class, but also worried about how I might be able to keep up. On the other hand, it's the kind of class that would get me back into scrapping again which has definitely taken a back seat to cards and photography the last couple of months. You've had a very busy spell. I hope Himself and the others are recovering nicely, and like many others, that you will find some time for your creative endeavors.


hello Alexa :) Welcome back! I love your collage of items, how wonderful for you :) I will be taking 31 Things too and have done NO preparation. I printed the handouts last week and have not had a chance yet to look them thru, I will likely pick a few topics to write about, you never know, perhaps I will do more than I think ;)


So great to get such lovely happy mail while going through all that you've had going on. Love those butterflies.


Delighted to read that Himself is doing well and you, too. Always good to return home...as I'm doing and penning this aboard an airplane @ 30,000 feet . Seeing tops of clouds. Thanx for the postal stamp ...what fun and welcome home!

Missus Wookie

Glad that everyone is in stages of recovery. Aren't those butterflies a pretty sight as is the envelope. Mail art is such a nice thing.

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