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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


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What an interesting idea! I was thinking, as I clicked over from my reader, that you are always coming up with fabulous ways to use photoshop - this is perfect for Mail Art and other postal projects.

Drizzly, cold and grey here :-)

Julie Jeavons

How lovely and thank-you for the download. When DD was a baby I used a PO service to have her photo put on a real stamp you could use in the post. I have some left, but can't remember where I put them. Maybe I should dig them out for Julie's series???

Paul B

Love your quirky stamp, especially how you've made it look so beautiful even though there's a snail in the photo lol. A feat not many could successfully pull off. Hope you are waking up to better weather today. As I type, it's still a bit nippy out there but there's blue sky and sunshine above. Should make you feel that Summer's just round the corner :) Pxx

Jen Hart

I haven't got time to look at those stamps now, but I shall be rushing back at lunchtime to play :)


Sunshine here i'm afraid so off to have a jog with the dog :)


You are SO clever Alexa - might have to have a play with this - thank you so much for sharing!
We didn't have snow yesterday, just severe rain and several awful hailstorms!

Julie Kirk

So it's cold and snowing and you mangae to create a lovely bright image and a helpful tutorial to share? I've come to expect nothing less - so thoughtful!

Thank you for contributing to my series - I've added your post to the board http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/going-postal/ - I'm sure lots of people will enjoy using it.

Julie :-)


you are clever Alexa! I still don't know enough about all this digi business but love to see how creative you are with it all!


Thanks for the stamp Alexa. Glad to hear that Himself is recovering and that you have managed to find some time to have a play.Lovely sunshine here today so I am off outside to work in the garden!


Now this is fun. I love it!

Yes, it's freezing here - TTO is playing cricket this afternoon and I've just asked him if he wants to put on a vest..

Jen Hart

Right, i'm back and have just downloaded, thanks so much Alexa, I may try and include it in project life this week :)


I have no idea if I will be able to do anything with this Alexa, but thank you..if I DO manage anything I'll be sure to let you know!
Alison xx


I really like this idea - you are so good and talented at this. I'm going to have a go at this. TFS


When i see something as inspiring as your stamp alexa, that's when i wish i knew how to do digi. I will have to have a closure look at your tutorial. Fabulously inspiring x


This looks like fun - I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the tutorial on how to do it.


I'm putting in an order of some warmer, sunnier weather just for you. Your stamp looks great, thank you for the file.


Hi Alexa Hope all is well and things getting back to a little normality for you and the family.
Thank you so much for another brilliant download and for the PDF. You are always so generous with your time sharing these files; such an inspiration. I have used the postage stamp on my blog today if you want to pop on over.
Take care, Irene

Missus Wookie

Looks lovely - sunshiney yellow flowers always make me smile. I'll download once I'm at a 'real' computer - thank you!

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