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Monday, 28 May 2012


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I wish I felt the way you do about food! I like my sweets but I hate everything to do with cooking!


The other thing to remember is that, down here, we have hot weather that is the sort that you don't want to be outside. After a month of 35C+ you need to be inside. But, yes, when the weather is between 20C and 30C not a lot of scrapping gets done! It's a hearty 12C today, the fire is blazing ... conducive to scrapping, though time will not allow!

Jen Hart

Like you Alexa, I didn't get much done until evening, although wierdly it felt a bit hotter. Swimming and cleaning had to come first.

Food is complex a relationship for most of us I think. I am on the other side of the spectrum where I couldn't possibly leave it. Like you I like to graze, I also like a sit-down meal, hence my size compared to your :D

It's a good class. I have now written all the prompts and photoshopped them ready to print, the photos just need to be printed and then cut and sticked together. I may try and get a few done tonight.


great account. I'm a grazer and could easily just pick rather than have a full meal. My downfall. i too have done no creating-far too hot as you say.


My mouth is watering at this (particularly cruel) post!!


I agree about crafting in this weather but could also apply to cooking. I'm not a bad cook but absolutely loathe it - if it were up to me we probably would live on toast! However I do love food and one of the greatest pleasures for me is sitting enjoying a meal with friends and family - as long as I'm not the one cooking!


It has been glorious these past few days. I was glad to forego the usual roast and cook on the BBQ yesterday. I was a vegetarian for a decade, before having children. I also had to learn to cook it for my husband and have gone back to eating fish and chicken myself. We usually have 3 meat free meals every week and I would happily live on salad throughout the summer.

Jacky S

I decamp outdoors in this weather as well.....the garden [or the beach] is the place to be.....except our temperatures are now high enough to want to be somewhere cool for awhile!! I can't believe that just over a week ago we were lighting a fire each evening!!!
And not a lot of crafting gets done in this heat either.

Paul B

Not just me then lol. It's even felt too warm to take a sketchpad outdoors though i've done it a couple of times. Helps if I make a pot of tea and set it down on the table next to me, put some new agey music on my mp3 player and just doodle away, soaking up the lushness of our garden at the moment. Love the photo in your lo, you have such a beautiful smile :) Enjoy the rest of the good weather whilst it lasts. Pxx


I'm afraid I'm not much of a cook either. we all get fed - but there are lots of things I'd rather be doing. Happily TSO loves to cook, so maybe somewhere down the line she'll make a page like yours only the other way round!

I did nothinh creative all weekend - I reckoned that I had spent a lot of the winter not getting out as much as usual, so I needed the sun while I could grab it.


I have been known to take my laptop out beside the pool while I supervise the kids. Add a glass of white wine and you pretty much have the perfect afternoon.

Carol Anne

I have three words for you: laptop, shaded deck. Works for me, unless my husband has the deck in renovation mode. Like he has it right now. GRRRRR.


that's so fabulous that you are able to cook for and nourish your parents Alexa. You really do look after them:)

Debs 14

It's not often that we Brits find ourselves in this dilemma! My suggestion would be a laptop with an extension cable or fully charged battery taken to a shady place. Failing that, position yourself on a nice comfy chair, close your eyes and plan your next piece of work in your mind!
Your observation of your parents' generation of food preparers matches my childhood memories exactly. The only meal I really remembering my dad having any participation in was Sunday lunch, he made the most deliciously crispy roast potatoes.
How good of you to

Debs 14

eeek - the computer automatically ended that for me!
I meant to say that as a vegetarian, you are really good to take on the meat and fish cooking too.

jessica brogan

Alexa, How funny! I have been battling this for the last TWO Months as the spring in Austin, TX has been abnormally wonderful (i.e. temperate). I've been very, very unproductive. My body calls to be outside. I tried watercoloring, but the enamal pans heated up so hot I couldn't touch them for fear of third degree burns. Other painting requires too much stuff to move. I tried taking book or laptop. Book puts me to sleep, laptop is never bright enough, because of the sun, and gives me a headache. So, I am here to say that I officially am no help! I do get more done in the evening when it's dark. That's all I've got so far :)
Thanks for coming over to my blog : )


The pull of good weather always gets me too.... I'd much rather be outside than in!
As for food, I love all aspects of it... cooking, preparing and eating. Especially eating out when I can.
Despite this, I'm not sure if my immediate thought would go to nourish either. A lovely page and photo of you, Alexa.

Karen Walker

We've just had the most glorious holiday weekend here, and I managed only to get one card made for a birthday party I was attending. The rest of the time has been outside gathering plants, planting, and enjoying this usually warm, sunny weather. I'm enjoying reading your responses (and a few others) to Ali's prompts. I have most of mine written, but no photos taken to accompany them. It's the mark of a good prompt when individuals can respond so differently to them.


I know exactly the feeling of just wanting to be outdoors. The season is so short...hard not to want to simply enjoy it! And - I love that Ali has inspired you to look inside and explore..and write so deeply.


Once we get to about 28degrees it's too hot for me outside, until about 5pm..in saying that I don't often feel very creative even indoors, until the late evening. I definately get more done from September to mid-May..I'm slowing down now! Great page Alexa...having mum and dad here just now I have to be more thoughtful about mealtimes-a banana sandwich or salad usually does me
Alison xx


Oh, the thing I love about summer is that hubby grills out a lot. So that just leaves me to make quick and easy side dishes for the most part. It seems that a delightfully warmer spring has already kicked us into a more active pace - so I am actually hoping to lose a few pounds by just being on the go. I am right there with you on keeping things simply - it turns out that the healthy foods are often of the quick to eat variety.


We never spend a lot of time outside in Malaysia...one would die from heat exhaustion. I love your picture! I too don't really enjoy cooking but because we were taught at school, I am a good cook.


I like your layout and the photo of you is lovely. I am finding it very hard to scrap in the heat as my work room is the conservatory! Having to wait until about 8pm before I can start. However today seems a bit different and the long weekend should be fine with the forecast we have lol!

Missus Wookie

I like early mornings when the day is still fairly quiet to think about things - and I leave things out to inspire me as I go past. But for me I too want to be outside and I find so many things to keep me outside...

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