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Friday, 25 May 2012


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Karen Walker

I have a whole folder of gingham papers, and I'm delighted to add these to the huge (but underutilized) digital file! Thanks. Have a great weekend; it's a holiday here and the weather is supposed to be delightful.

Jen Hart

Isn't it a beautiful time of year to experience the warmth of a mediterranean summer for a few days? It is a tad on the hot side for me, but I embrace it as part of our lovely meridian the same way as I do the snow and freezing cold, an exception to the norm.

Beautiful ginghams, the grey will work well for me with project life i'm sure. I will link you up when I use it, thank you Alexa and please, please I hope you have a sunny weekend you enjoy :)


Oh, what a wonderful treat. Thx ever so much...just another sign that sumer's around the corner and our weather today cemented it: hot & humid.



Thanks Alexa, you are very talented to have whipped these up!

Enjoy your 28C, yesterday we reached the grand high of 7C, yes 7C! Who says it doesn't get cold down here?!

Debs 14

Pale blue gingham dresses will always make me think of when my daughter was at primary school. We would buy them in the easter holidays and then she would not give me any peace until the grey skirt and white blouse of winter uniform was put aside and the summer dress was worn. Gingham always looks so fresh and clean doesn't it and so very summery!


There is just something about gingham, isn't there? I have plenty in my fabric stash, but I can't think of any among my scrapbook papers.
My daughter is at secondary school now and she has missed the cool summer dresses of primary years, during these sunny days we've been having.

Paul B

Such a generous download Alexa :) These are beautiful, colourful gingham patterns. Love the muted palette. I'll definitely add them to my digital stash collection :) Enjoy the warm weekend. Pxx


Oh, you know me too well :) How very lovely. The grey is gorgeous, but the blue has me thinking, as Deb says, of summer days in school dresses..

Missus Wookie

Oh these are gorgeous. If you were able to do a yellow to pair with the grey and blue I'd be even more over the moon please! Do love gingham although remember being v confused and not too sure about the gingham uniform I was handed when I arrived in this country - not a custom I was used to!


Those are lovely Alexa :) Thank you for the files, I am going to download!
I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as I know it's coming to a close!

Ali TS

Another grey gingham fan here - thank you so much for sharing. Lovely and sunny here too.

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