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Monday, 30 April 2012


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Oh, I hope it is nothing too serious! But then, a stay in hospital is always serious. Take care both of you.


Hope everything works out okay with Himself and the two of you are back to witty banter pronto!

Jacky S

A pretty busy Wednesday,Alexa....and I'm amazed those crayons have lasted this long!! Hope all goes well for Himself.

Jen Hart

Hope all goes well with Himself. The pages are turning out beautifully.


Hope all goes well for himself, and that family members come to help:)


your Wednesday has exhausted me - a very busy day. Lovely photos especially the one of himself spread across the sofa - i like how one of your photos crosses over into the next square. Hope all goes well in hospital x


A really interesting approach to A Week in the Life. I like the flow of it, more like having a conversation with you. It is the small detail that really matters. Look after Himself and Yourself.


All the very best to Himself, and, of course yourself as you manage the post hospital stage.

Your page is so soothing to view, despite the busy day!


Wishing Himself an uneventful stay at hospital and the speediest recovery. Good to know the support troops will be around to give you a hand and support. Take care! Love seeing your everyday and especially like your approach to documenting this life. Will be thinking of you.


Julie Jeavons

Hope everything goes well with the hospital and post recovery. we'll still be here when you have time to pop back.


Your page looks great Alexa :) I like how you spread the photo of himself over two spots on the page! Your journaling is why I really would like to do this digitally next year. I don't feel I captured the written chronological order so well this year. I love to see what others are doing - it really makes me think about next year and how I would like to do this project.

good luck to your highness. i hope all goes well.

Paul B

Wonderful page Alexa, and yet again, I'm amazed by how you fit everything into one day. Sending well wishes to Himself and hope all goes well. Pxx


Warm regards right back to you and HImself for the days ahead xx


Alexa, I am amazed by how you fit everything in to your days. Thinking of you all, wishing you well for the days ahead for both Himself and you.


Remember to take care of YOURSELF, as well as himself Alexa..hope all goes well!
Alison xx

Karen Walker

I hope all goes well with the hospital stay. I'll be thinking about you. As I said on an earlier post, I very much like the chronological journaling approach you're using. Your photography is wonderful as well.


Hope all goes well - thinking of you all. Love the layout by the way.


Just catching back up after a weekend away - hope Himself is recovering well and that life has a few breathers in it for you to pause and reflect!


Catching up after a brief hiatus! I hope Himself is on the mend and you are taking care of yourself as well!

Missus Wookie

Hope himself is out of hospital by now - life has been a wee bit frantic here with dr/hospital visits for family members adding to such things. Glad you've got friends/family to give support.

Really like the flow of a day - seeing the fullness is a lovely image and made me smile as yes that is why I enjoy rereading these in years to come. Seeing how much was happening then that isn't happening now. Thanks for sharing.

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