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Saturday, 28 April 2012


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love the photo of you Alexa it is fab you look wonderful! Great tips for organising photos and recording journalling regardless of the project you plan to use them for xxx


That is a great photo and your pages are looking great too :0)

Jacky S

I love the photo as well....glad you were brave! And I so agree with the 'You think you'll remember.You won't'


Looking great! I love the clean design. That is such a lovely relaxed photo of you. I went on a Camera Club trip last weekend and spent most of yesterday agonising over hundreds of photos. I think today I'm just going to have to be ruthless and delete most of them!


Your tips and pointers are all pertinent observations about this project - they serve as good reminders!

Your photo is fabulous and I think the layout you have chosen is excellent - plenty of space for journaling!


How on earth do you do so much in one day and still manage to photograph it all? Awesome.

Karen Walker

So nice to see such a lovely portrait of you! I like the Morning, Afternoon, Evening journaling. If I ever get brave enough to do this project, I think that would make a lot of sense.


alexa this is perfect in its simplicity and clean, svelte lines. love it. And the photo of yourself is a winner!

Paul B

Lovely layout Alexa & fascinating to read. I'm impressed by your 'one hour a week of TV'. I wish I could say I was that good lol. If I watch 1 hour a day I'd be feeling pleased. I'm too much of a movie buff lol. Love that you're finding time to paint and follow your classes. I so admire your time management. I could do with lessons :) Pxx


great photo of you, so relaxed looking. As always your layout looks fabulous. So impressed at how much you have written - I decided to minimize the text in order to keep on top of it this week

Jen Hart

Good points Alexa, I'm doing Project Life and had to buy a journaling app to remind me to tell it what I'm doing at a few points during the day, great investment because you won't remember!

Lovely photo of you and a brilliant look at your day :)


What a lovely photo of you! You are so right - we think we are going to remember. But sometimes we don't..no chance of that with this beautiful page


You are so right about thinking you'll remember! Lovely pic of your good self
Alison xx


I agree with all your points Alexa! At least with the weather not being so good I haven't taken so many photos, so less to choose from. I've taken a fair few out of focus shots too this time, so they've been deleted straight away.
Good on you giving the camera to himself, that is a very lovely photo of you!


What a lovely photo of you Alexa and so nice to see you including yourself into the scrapbooking. I think so often that we all are taking the photos and miss out about recording what we actually look like, although we may record how we feel!


a wonderful photo of you alexa. I love how you have put this together.


That's a lovely photo of you Alexa. Great tips for organising photos - I ned to rewind 18 months and use them!!


Love seeing your full photo...you look happy and relaxed. Very nice layout- you had a full day! Here's hoping no more auto bills for a long while.



Fabulous photo of yourself and I admire your tackling this project!!

Missus Wookie

Lovely photo of yourself. The 52 self portrait project I attempted last year and this was in response to my realization that I don't appear in photos so in albums...

Lovely WITL. My WITL photos from LAST year are on my trolley to work on - have to have it done to show off before I teach a class using that sample! :lol:

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