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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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Karen Walker

I don't get weary at all! I love seeing the photos and the different ways people approach this project. I always love your templates for such projects, and this is no exception. I especially like the left-hand page with the one photo and space for journaling. Actually, seeing lots of these around the blogosphere makes me wish I had what it takes to participate, but I know I don't.

Patsy Tabbert

I'm giving it a go for the first time. Here's hoping! Love your template!


I enjoy seeing WITL projects, for some reason, people tend to make it their own - much more than PL, which I am finding has saturated the blogosphere this year.

Good luck for the rest of the week, we can only do what we can do!


Like your design adn the visual balance in the photos you have used. I'm with you in getting the photos done before the journalling - indeed halfway through Monday I decided that I would not journal about the day and instead each day I am listing something from the day - Monday radio and TV, Tuesday numbers of emails, phone calls etc, today I'm recording all I eat.


I can put up with a week of YOUR pages Alexa because they are clever and witty and interesting! I'm not too aware of other AWITLifers (yet) but the whole Project Life flooding of the web has been a real turn-off - I skim over it all!


Doesn't matter wehther you finish up or just end up with little snippets, it's all good. I do enjoy a peep into the lives of other crafters and bloggers. Definitely not tired of looking yet!

Paul B

As long as you're making little notes in books or on scraps of paper, so that you don't forget the contents of the week you want to capture, I don't think it matters how quickly or slowly you progress :) And I'm certainly not weary as I haven't seen much of this project in my own list of blogs I read. You're one of the few scrapbooking blogs I read & enjoy & keep coming back to :) Pxx


Love getting a glimpse of everyone's life through WITL..am never quite as as taken with PL!
Alison xx


I agree with all the rest!
I'm doing WIML, but isn't it difficult to take good photos in this dark damp weather!

Jen Hart

Good point Alexa about the flood of project life/witlo etc. I can imagine it might be off-putting to some, I find it quite inspirational to see how different folk go about it....I think if it is honest and an accurate record of your life then it has immense value to you and your family (and I guess potentially to social historians). I think if it is done to be current and to look pretty and well-designed then it has a different value but less so for me as a viewer. I am firmly in the pro-camp for project life, I am thrilled by mine and I blogged back in february about how amazed I was that even looking back on January I had already forgotten stuff that I was so pleased I had recorded. It is pure scrapbooking, in that it is thoughts, bits and pieces put together with photos.
Enjoy the rest of your week...whether you record it in detail, overview, snapshot or just live it xx Jen


I love your note that there will be journaling when you get a moment. I never tire of seeing little sneak peeks of what you have been up to and you have some very intriguing creative peeks on this page.


Well, I've taken a blogging holiday so I haven't seen any WITL projects. It's an idea I like but no time for projects at the moment. Hoping to get back into the arena soon.


Hi Alexa :) I am definitely finding inspiration in everyone's WITL to give me that added boost I need to work at taking my own photos. This year I am taking very little photos, but I'm just trying to do what I can. I really love your template especially now that you are showing it with pictures.


I'm not doing this, but I am enjoying seeing what everyone who is doing it is doing - if you see what I mean!


Love this LO: design, content, etc. I've been so busy " documenting this week " that I've not done any blogging or reading of said...time to come up for air! Looking fwd to seeing your week!


I really like your design and that you are hanging in there. I guess that I am an odd one in that I am a bit weary with all the WITL posts out there. I think maybe a dozen people I follow are doing it but I feel the same way about PL and P365. None of them are things I can imagine ever doing mainly because I would feel like it was forced each day, having to be sure to document something but I think it's great for all those that are being inspired by it. To each her own ;)


Have you got that Brave Intuitive Painting book? Oh I so, so, so want it. My finger has been on the verge of clicking at Amazon so many times this week. Is it good? Is my NEEEEEEEEEEEED justified? Shall I hit 'buy'? Shall I? Shall I? Go on, I don't mind someone else enabling me ;)


I'd hit that button, if I were you. :) It's very nicely out together and although a lot of the information we already have, it's a great reminder of the course and of Flora's lovely work!


I thought I'd take this one on and then couldn't face it. Trying times here, both kids are challenging my ability/desire to be a parent... Another phase of life!! I love seeing snippets of other people's lives and thank you for sharing yours!

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