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Friday, 20 April 2012


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It is fascinating to see how people put their pages together! I think you adapted the page to suit your needs and the blue background really adds oompf (such a technical word!)to the whole layout.

I hope you enjoy your weekend as well Alexa :-)


I love to see your thoughts processes in designing your page! And I love what you have come up with. That rich blue is just perfect, and the journalling just lovely.

Jacky S

Having the side panels pick up the chair colours works brilliantly....pulling it all together......and echoing that wonderful welcome panel.
And how nice to see a hospital that is trying to improve the all round patient experience.
Great layout.....and I wouldn't for a minute question your loyalty!!


How lovely to see your thought process. I like how the article inspired you and how you made it your own.


I always love your final result, so seeing the process is a lovely (informative)added bonus!

Paul B

Having found myself in the midst of a scraplift challenge recently, I'm fascinated by how different people change a work in progress too. I love that you've used the magazine page as your start-off point and allow yourself to be inspired by it and not restricted by it. As in, you will adapt it and create something new and unique rather than a direct copy. As always, you've produced a beautiful layout. No doubt you have your reasons for inserting the smaller photos behind the large one. If I was to do it, I'd want to show all the photos without having to lift a hinged one. I wouldn't change your design. I'd perhaps make a double layout instead. However, that's how I might approach it and not what I'd suggest anyone else create :) As you say, we all make something different because we all approach design from our own angle. Pxx


Great adaptation of the page to fit your requirements Alexa.
In reply to your question on my blog...the storm was on Jan 3 this year!
Alison xx


As always I love to see how magazines influence your pages. It's interesting to know that you hinge the photo too as I would have assumed that only the one photo was included.

....and if you could send the ceramic art installation my way I'd really appreciate it. Isn't it lovely.


I like to see your thought process and love the final result.

Karen Walker

I always benefit from seeing and reading about someone's process, and the final result is visually striking. I much prefer your layout to the inspiration piece, but I'm also glad to have seen the piece the inspired it.


What an amazing place and wonderfully scrapped - love the blue b/g and those oh so simple but perfect arrows - sending a virtual hand-holding to Himself myself!!


really interesting to see how you designed your page. The sign in the eye hospital is great!


You are a constant and never-ending source of inspiration!


That picture has so much going on that you were so right to omit the others! I might have off set some of the geometry in the picture by shifting the whole shebang so that it's not centered... Just a thought! Thanks for sharing your thought process, it is fun to be in somebody else's process sometimes.


I spend a lot of time at the Eye Hospital with Evie and everytime we go I admire the art and the eye test signage in the main area. I may have to copy your idea for a picture next time we're there to document this part of her life right now. We've always found the staff to be really helpful and I hope your return visit goes well x

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