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Monday, 16 April 2012


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What a lovely memory to record & beautiful journaling.

Karen W

I can't think of a better gift than the one you received from your son--so thoughtful and onevthatvis lasting the whole year. So special. I love the colors and the design of your layout.


gorgeous colours and love the way the twine emulates the stick-fabulous. Great memory.

Julie Kirk

I love the twine too. A beautiful page Alexa. x

Jacky S

What an amazing gift from your son......and a magical page as well.


I think it is lovely that the gift from one child leads to a story with another, which in turn leads to a beautiful page to preserve your thoughts and the adventure of the stick!


I love that idea - 52 pebbles setting off a chain reaction along the synapses.
Super page and how lovely for your DD to leave a piece of herself awaiting her return along with the pair of you.

Paul B

What a beautiful & thoughtful present. Your son has definitely been gifted with your heart and creativeness. As for your layout, it's as beautiful as all your work is. I especially like the honeycomb mesh pattern on your paper. your journalling is amazing. Another delightful snapshot into your life :) Pxx


A lovely thoughtful gift from your son and a lovely thoughtful page about your daugther. Love the background paper too.


Love when you wax poetic Alexa - you have such a gift for writing! And what a wonderful gift your son has given you!


It's beautiful. And a lovely reminder of how we are making memories all the time, not just for ourselves, but for those around us too


what a lovely idea for a gift from your son! Love love love it!!! Great LO too, and I love that the stick is a little bit of your favourite person still with you:)


It seems that your family all share a creative and thoughtful bent... What a really lovely gift from your son - and I think it will turn out to have been a gift for himself, as well as his parents!
I love the story about the Stick - and the plans your family are sharing together, to help that stick be a special and memorable thing. The scrap page will help - but it's everything together, that is likely to make "just a stick" into "Something Special"!

Sorry I haven't been "here" much recently. It's been so very chaotic and busy here. I've been having a lovely time, but just so tired at the end of each day...
This evening I am also tired, but have come up to bed very early and decided to make an effort to "visit" a few blog friends. Hope all are well in the Trimming the Sails household!


I felt a lump in my throat when I read of your son's gift. There is nothing better than when your family says 'Do you remember when...' and a string of memories are revealed. I love your page too and some artiness creeping in, I observe. Glorious colours.
Your spotted frames have caused some more creativity from me. See here http://hearthearthhome.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/if-you-go-down-to-woods.html
Thank you so much for all the sharing.


Another wonderful layout...and your opening caused me to gasp in sheer amazement of the impact of your "pebbles." A priceless gift. What a joy! And thanks so much for sharing.


Gorgeous page Alexa.


What a wonderful gift from your very thoughtful son and a beautiful page to preserve the memory of the stick.

Ali TS

What a fantastic photo, and love what you have done with it. The journaling is so poignant and personal too. tfs.


I love that your son is doing such a heart touching gift, I think it is a glorious idea and I love how it led into your story about the stick. You have an amazing gift with words, Alexa.

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