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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


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Indeed! Do join in and even spur me on! I didn't get around to posting "hello Mon" today - as I hoped - but that's what's so great - there are 52 Mondays in each year and always another chance, hopefully. Can't believe you had snow! Our Monday -4/9- was another day of sunshine.
I so enjoyed your layout- as always, just so beautifully executed. Looking forward to seeing the output from your new class...


Paul B

Another wonderful CAS LO Alexa. Love the sepia toned photo with it's dotty border. And I'll be saying hello to my brother later on, whom I haven't seen since his adventures in Tanzania. Hope you have a good week. Pxx


I like the dotted border you used here--it goes so well with the uncluttered nature of the LO, plus I like how you tied that in with your journaling. Wonderful!


To getting organised with my marking before going back to work so I don't leave it all til the weekend as I have plans and it does not involve school work.
Enjoy your week x


Good health ... hopefully!

A beautiful photo Alexa.


I'm going to be saying hello to a new journal that I bought for a bit of painty, inky experimenting.

It is hard to know what to wear at the moment isn't it, one minute I've been in flip-flops the next looking for a warm jumper.

....and that's a beautiful photo of DD.

Karen Walker

I love the dotted frame within the frame on this photo! I'm saying hello to far too much right now, but loving most of it! I'm hoping to have a post up about some of it by the end of the day.


Lovely page - beautiful photo! Glad your weekend was hug-filled!


It doesn't get any better than that..

..and I do like this thought - you have snet me away thinking about saying hello


beautiful, so beautiful.


This week I'm saying Hello to earlier mornings - I've gotten into the habit of sleeping in (just because I can), so this week I'm saying Hello earlier!

Beautiful layout!

Julie Kirk

I've always remembered something I heard a writer on TV [I think it was Toni Morrison]say, that all a child really wants to know is, when they enter a room, does their parent's face light up. Your photo here reminded me of that ... but in reverse. Judging by your daughter's face, you're very clearly loved. :-)

I'm saying hello to new shelves for all my notebooks [which James put up yesterday] and a new student on Thursday [always an interesting moment!]


Another page that feels me with warm feelings, Alexa. I love the simpleness and the way you used the dots round the photo. Less is more in this case.
I also love the idea of Hello Mondays, it's a good way to start any day infact. I'm going to say hello to packing our camper van. We have trips planned!

Jennifer Grace

What a lovely photo and page - it suits that gorgeous smile perfectly!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - you mentioned the look of my photos. They were all taken on standard cameras, but edited at www.picmonkey.com - I'm a little bit addicted to that site right now! x

Jacky S

That truly is a beautiful photo.....and here's to keeping up with all your 'hellos'.


Love the journalling Alexa...you are SO right- hugs make all the difference to a day!
Alison xx


Another beautiful, simple Lo Alexa, yes I like the dotted lines too.
I love this idea, Hello Wednesday, I am looking forward to the weekend! For three days this week I have a new work colleague 'shadowing me' poor things, poor me, poor throat! and poor neglected blog. I am a great giver and receiver of hugs, sending one to you. x

Missus Wookie

Oh I like the dotty frame changing from light/dark - so simple and so effective.

I like Monday's for the same reason - a new week has started and that always brings new things.


Hello Alexa :) We had a snow storm last week and today it was 18C, but this weekend we may get snow again! My body is tired and feels wacked out - it doesn't know if it should hibernate or rejoice at the sunshine :)

That's a beautiful photo Alexa :) I look forward to seeing what you make with the Art of Abstraction - I so wanted to take it, but I'm really trying to focus on the photography class I'm taking right now. ("Oh Shoot" at Jessica Sprague).


Hello Alexa. That's such a gorgeous photograph and sentiment. The colours are perfect.
Thought you might like to see what I did with your recent free download. Here it is http://hearthearthhome.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/just-cruising-along.html

Greeting the week with 'Hello Monday' is such a pleasant start to the week. Irene


Love your list of inspiring 'hellos'. Me too - I'm ready to say hello to spring and summer clothes!


A lovely post to read this morning - your photo is fantastic and such lovely words.


so beautiful and sincere emotions-just lovely.


A lovely post and a lovely page too, what a wonderful happy smile :)

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