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Monday, 02 April 2012


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oooh, he has certainly made some great points but I love it all the same.

Jacky S

This one looks great fun....he knows you well though,doesn't he??


It is quirky - but how apposite!


I also see a large photo being cut up into pieces!!!!!


Look forward to seeing how you make this your own.


I really like it I can see why it appealed to you. I love the way one of the photos crosses over into the adjacent column. Looking forward to seeing your layout.


Downloaded...love! I will play with it in the next day or two and see what I come up with. Always nice to know that they were actually listening....:)

Paul B

I've downloaded the template. I love the quirkiness. The great thing about rules in design, is that they are general guidelines only. You can always find exceptions which work brilliantly. You definitely have a good eye when it comes to scanning magazines for inspiration. Px


ooo that looks fun Alexa! Looking forward to seeing your page:)


I love it! I can see myself converting this into a paper project too, if that would be acceptable :)

Missus Wookie

I like his comments but also your template. Looks like it would be fun to play with, thanks for posting.

Karen Walker

I love how he's absorbed all your design knowledge, but knows when there's a great design that breaks the rules. Can't wait to see what you do with this.


quirky is sometimes good and it makes a change and a challenge for those of us stuck in a rut.
jo xxx


I'm curious to see what will come of this one.


Don't you love it when they listen to what you've been saying for years? :) Tell him that you need to know the rules before you can break them or play with them! Love this ad - it's great!


Oh my goodness, I love this & have downloaded it! Thanks so much for sharing; what a fun page this will make.

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