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Wednesday, 04 April 2012


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My goodness these photos are beautiful and what a lovely memory. Can't believe how fast he is growing up.What a gorgeous little boy.

Jacky S

Love what you've done on this page,Alexa....and that title font is just perfect.

Paul B

Well to anyone who may have thought the sketch was too quirky and odd to use as a layout, will be shame faced by your exquisite design. It's absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. Such cool elegance from the blue-grey, black and white palette. Just goes to show you can find perfect photos to fit any shape within a design :) Pxx


That has worked so well - it looks brilliant. Well done. Haven't done a scrapbook page this year so yes it is flying by. Congratulations to Rosie.


Perfect! Just the right photos for the template!!


Superb page Alexa - I am in awe of your ability to take design inspiration from an advert and turn it into such artistry! The journalling makes me ache to become a grandma myself (although not quite yet please)!


well your version of the graphically quirky page makes total sense! I wasn't so sure about the advertisement.


The photos really are special Alexa. It's beautiful!

Congrats to Rosie - I hope you enjoy the book, please do drop me a line when you are finished with it as i'd love to see it winging its way back after its travels. But take yout time. Please! Enjoy!


congrats rosie. loving the way these brilliantly quirky pics have made ur template bounce into life. did u really do it first?
jo xxx

ps how did u do the handwriting for ur lil one?


Yes, I did make the template first, Jo. I started out opening up other photos to use for it - but when I came across these ones of the slide in the park, I realised they might work better. The 'handwriting' is actually a font called SS Fun and you can get it here:


Hi Sian, and thank-you for your lovely comment. I'll put a note in to Rosie to that effect, too. :)

Missus Wookie

Oh this is gorgeous! I've felt the same way about being an Auntie - amazing how much those little ones can melt your heart.

Really like the font you've used, the design goes beautifully with the slide photos.


I absolutely LOVE this crisp, clean and simple graphic style - and oh boy do I know what you mean about grandchildren. I am the most besotted granny ever!


Your photos really lend themselves to your template. Just great.

....and yes, Easter really? Hopefully you won't still have snow by then.


This is a great layout. I think it has to be one of the best I've ever seen from anyone. And the journaling totally makes it extra special.
A treasure.


love the layout Alexa:) He sure is going going isn't he?! thanks for pointing out Marcie's blog, I subscribed to it immediately when I saw how beautiful her photographs are!


Love the layout, looks fabulous. Thanks for the template too, I've dowbloaded it, now I just need to see if I can carve out a bit of time to play.


This is terrific, Alexa. Your choice of photos is perfect for the LO but, as far as I'm concerned, the best part is the journaling--your words are obviously heartfelt and I really like the unusual location and how you made your text fit into the shape. Well done!

Karen Walker

Absolutely perfect photos for this design! Love it!


More of the same from me Alexa, just a beautiful Lo which I have downloaded, and pictures to go with it. Your journalling touches my heart.


Oh...I just love this layout. Terrific!


This is wonderful! I am just getting caught up and wanted to spend a bit of time over here and thank you as well for visiting my wee space and leaving your kind, thoughtful comments! Your part of the world here in blogland is delightful!


Your layout turned out fabulous. And, yes, the year is passing by quickly. Have a happy Easter!!


Not only are these pictures perfect but your journaling is so touching! The playfulness of the layout suit these pictures to a tee!

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