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Friday, 13 April 2012


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Loving the art Alexa! And thanks for so generously creating and sharing the frames... you do know there are people who get paid to do this stuff, right?


Thanks for these - and especially thank you for the directions - I've bookmarked for a day when I feel the need to go hybrid again!


Did you actually made those four art pieces on top?!!! They are fantastic right next to each other as presented here!


Thanks for sharing those frames!!


These are brilliant - agree with Cheri.
TFS and I'm loving the doodling. There are no end to your talents :0)


What fun! Doodling is a pastime I haven't embraced~ I've never been much of a doodler but seeing your "dots, scribbles and painty splashes" has me reconsidering...and the png files for that wonderful layout are a bonus. Perhaps one day I'll manage that hybrid scrapping thing. Definitely one of those items on my 70:70 list...



You are clever :) Cheri is right!


So pleased you enjoyed what I did with your template... and now, another challenge. Love the dots so I am sure I can find something that needs a frame.
Cheri is right, you should give yourself a 'donation box'. At the very least, it could keep you in tea or coffee!


What clever handiwork Alexa!! Those frames are AMAZING!! I paid to own a set like that and you're giving them away, very generous of you!

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