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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


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kate Adderley

Hi Alexa, what a beautiful post, l love reading your blog, you write so well, it is such a gift, l also wanted to say thanks for the comment you left on my PL, and thought in the next couple of days l will post better pics of what hangs above my bed, since you were so interested, so look out for that....hugs ....kate


Your post is a great reminder Alexa, a beautiful photo also helps to solidify the message!

Julie Jeavons

Very true. I knew there was a reason I seem to gravitate to the cleaner uncluttered styles (even if I can't pull it off myself). And I had to click on that link to find out who John was. Does Himself know about this LOL?

Paul B

Another brilliant post Alexa. You've highlighted some very worthy ideas when it comes to design. Hopefully, one day, you'll be able to attend one of his presentations. Pxx


Thank you Alexa (and John) for summarising it all so beautifully, simply and clearly!


that is a stunning photo how lovely to pass by there regularly! I love the mantra too, hope all is well xxx

Karen Walker

What a beautiful photograph! And thanks for the distillation of John's lecture. I printed it out and am planning on putting it up on my bulletin board. Such good advice and beautifully presented.


I had to click the link for John too..he sounds as though he knows what he's talking about! Lovely pic
Alison xx


Such wonderful and inspiring design advice. Thank-you!

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