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Thursday, 22 March 2012


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Smashing! Absolutely brilliant! It has a Shel Silverstein feel to it in a very Alexa kind of way.

Katie B

So cute. Shel Silverstein was my first thought to. Great job.


I love this Alexa!!! If you can doodle that way you can definitely hand write on your pages!!! :D Great "portrait"!

Paul B

Brilliant. Love it! And I know what you mean about hand writing on pages. I often wonder, why when I can draw, do I have such an appalling scrawl. Even balloon letters look disappointing. I'd be second in the queue for a class, right behind you :) Enjoy your trip and your dose of cuteness. Pxx


Lovely page! Love the bright freshness to it! Have a wonderful time with your little men:), safe journey.


I agree with Nathalie, I don't think you will have trouble writing on a page, from a technique stand point ... however, I can completely understand how it may be difficult to conquer the need to have evrything line up in a neat and orderly fashion ... give it a whirl, it's likely to be a lot of fun!


I love this page - think it would look great framed! Go on be brave with your writing! Have a great break.


I love how you turned those bits of patterned paper into cute little trunks (even better than Junelle's sketch!) and then made a whole statement with them! Absolutely adorable page Alexa!


It's a beautiful page.

I have two main reasons for using my own handwriting.It's much, much easier for me than computer journaling which I find a total faff. I'd rather write than try to print things out. And I'm always aware that I only have one little piece of my Dad's handwriting. In my vanity I hope that someday someone will be glad to have a piece of mine.

Have a wonderful trip!


lovely, alexa. i am in constant awe of your endless talents.....

Jacky S

I think I 'hand write' for the same reasons as Sian....though not nearly as well....I do wish I had more of my mum's handwriting.
Love this page.


What a charming, refreshing, clever piece ~ a very unique self-portrait! I'm sure when it comes time to add your own personal handwriting, it'll fit right in with your signature style.

Bon Voyage and do enjoy your visit with the Littles.



Have a great trip Alexa...love your page!
Alison xx


Oh is this what you did with those bits of patterned papers... It's really great - worthy of a frame and a place on the wall!
I know what you mean about journalling with your own handwriting. I have managed to get myself "brave" enough to do this now and it's not so bad... You could start with journalling on separate pieces of card/paper, which can be tucked behind other elements on the page, as hidden journalling. Then only those who you allow to examine the page, will see the journalling.
And/or write in pencil. If you write it in pencil, it can be rubbed out. But once you have written it and are happy with the wording and its position on the page, you can put it aside for a while and get used to the idea of the writing being there. Then you will be able to write over it in ink and rub out the pencil when the ink's dry. Try it - it works!

Have a good trip and a lovely time when you arrive.

(If you're flying, do check out the rules about liquids and toiletries, also electronic stuff. I took only hand-luggage to Spain; my laptop, kindle and ipod were in my computer bag, but all had to be removed and placed in clear view, within special trays, so Security could scan them. Also, I had to take all the stuff out of my wash bag and put it in a plastic bag, then carry it through Security. Probably would have been more sensible if I had just packed it in a clear bag to begin with! At least I had been warned that this might happen, so my wash bag was at the top of my little case, ready for me to get at it! And DH knew all the rules anyway, so he warned me not to take anything larger than their size limits - or they make you throw it away! I think you can pack bigger containers in your checked-in luggage though. But just to save you some potential hassle... )


Alexa, is there no end to your talents? I really love this page. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Karen Walker

Oh, I just love this!!!


Wow, I absolutely adore this and like others. can see it framed as a piece of art :) Have a glorious visit with the little ones!


I love this Alexa. Those little suitcases are brilliant. Have a wonderful week with your family. Look forward to seeing the pictures.


Love this!! So filled with whimsy and color and so much more!!!


This is just WONDERFUL! I really really like it, and you've inspired me with this very simple but powerful page.


Lovely -you are clever. Have a lovely time with your family.xx


Clever and so very cute! Have a wonderful time!


Oooh, this is beautiful :D And I love the wry humour behind it too. Good luck with the art journalling. If it works out like this, there'll be no problems at all. I love the dialogues you write and I totally think you could go for it with the hand writing. If it helps, I'm techno-rubbish and I have to hand write as I have no printer and no clue how to make it work even if I did.


I LOVE this Alexa! This is so much fun to look at :) I cannot wait to see what else you come up with !


i'm with you on admiring Kirsty and Sian's handwriting on layouts. You write so beautifully alexa that i'm surprised you don't write on your layouts too.

I'm playing catch up here so I hope you are enjoying your trip. Great page too..very funky!

Missus Wookie

Love the list and suitcases - hope you had a great trip.


Working my way back through you blog and found this. Wow! I'm so impressed - that is wonderful!!


Wow, I absolutely adore your style Alexa! It's really beautiful. Love your composition and your colour combinations. This artwork is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing: it made me smile on this beautiful Easter day! Hug from France

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