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Monday, 19 March 2012


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Oh my goodness, what a hilarious conversation. I love the way you write these conversation posts.

Of course, I don't know anything about CAP because I simply scrapbook . . . and barely dabble in art journaling . . . and only occasionally altered something . . . and am just beginning to learn more skills for using textures on my photos . . . and . . . :>)

And I am, of course, only partially responsible for the Amazon receipt lying on my desk - there's a small charge for Robbie's latest e-book on there after all! :>)


I don't think my husband would be quite as polite as yours, but then again he is a rough uncouth australian bushie :-) but he probably has similar feelings which are quite blythley ignored (we won't mention the abandoned beer brewing equipment nor the piles of steel and machinery out the bag, which are, on a much larger scale, very much along the same lines!)


very funny Alexa! I think my hubby might join a blog supporting yours especially if it was about stuff being everywhere and why I could possibly need any more stuff when there seems to be too much already!!lol xxx


I absolutely adore your story telling!! What a cracker!! I don't think you should spread the word - our "other halves" might gang up on us!

Paul B

Lovely post Alexa, must go check out those links and see if I'll be tempted to add to my AmPal account lol. Nick doesn't bat an eye to it. As far as he's concerned, if i'm out at an art group, he can sit and enjoy his classical music in peace. And all my crafty, arty spends come out of my own money, so he doesn't frown upon it. If there's a downside, his nonchalance extends to anything I draw, paint or make lol. I can see him politely nodding his head when I show him something but I know he'd express more enthusiasm if I showed him a cleverly written piece of computer programming instead lol. Pxx

Jacky S

I don't think I have to worry about OH on this score......he avoids the computer like the plague......which is just as well.....as he'd probably agree with everything Himself says!!!!


Another hilarious snippet! My family have become quite used to my strange requests and now even present me with things they think I might find useful! They are quite appreciative of my scrapbooks but just don't get the art journalling I have recently dabbled in.


oh yes another CAP's partner here! DH just smiles knowingly whilst feigning interest. I reckon there could be quite a few followers of His blog.

Helena c

I love the gentle and oblique, teasing conversational style


Very funny! It really made me smile this morning. I'm very lucky in that J loves to make stuff too and has as many in progress projects on the go as I do. All those years ago, when I spotted that he came from a house full of sewing and knitting sisters, I decided he was the one for me!


I love your re-telling of this conversation Alexa...as my other half works away-and I do a MASSIVE clear-up before he comes home- he is not too aware of the many surfaces covered in pretty paper, ribbons etc that abound here most days!
Alison xx


Now that was canny, Sian! A perfect match, I'd say ... :).


Thank-you! It's such fun to write ...


Oh, you sound a tad wistful ... Just as well you have all of us to appreciate your skills and talent. :)


Himself definitely has a way with words... and picking his way through minefields! And you have quite the way with storytelling Alexa. As a certified card-carrying CAP, I can assure you that my hubby would be about as interested in a support group for spouses of CAPs as he is in whatever my latest project is. He has figured out that art is my therapy and no longer says anything. He knows it is cheaper than a shrink!


Glad to know it works both ways, Sharon!


Oh, Melisss: scrapbooking, art-journalling, altering, textures ... that's how it starts! :)


I encouraged my darling to get a shed! he now spends so much time in there building model aeroplanes that he hardly notices another project in my room!! Beautifully written as always Alexa.


That's why we have separate bank accounts and if I'm buying a lot do it when I'm at home to answer the door. This made me laugh so much. i love the way you write :0)


Well as my darling other half has a huge shed with bikes and enough tools for 10 other darling other halves, I figure that my obsession is well under control! Xxy


really good post :) I can't possibly comment, but I'll be sure to ask my other half how he deals with my creative interests ;)


I could've sworn Himself was Norman. They just don't get it, do they? Too funny. So brilliantly told.
Thanks for the laughs...just wonderful.


My DH has his own shed and his model railway - keeps him busy and not noticing what I haven't got finished - err, I mean what is currently being made - very different from not being finished!


DH says "So far, I've lost a room in the house, plus half a wife. Tell him to start that blog. I'll follow him - to the ends of the Earth!".

I should point out that DH is known for having a sticky tongue, that stays firmly in one cheek... Also, he actively encourages my various crafty pursuits. He has been known to proclaim that "I married a Tweeting Blogger!", but really doesn't seem to mind. He has been a real hero, over the buying and assembling of numerous bits of crafting furniture, the rescuing of wifes and cats buried beneath collapsed shelves, the assembly of replacements for said shelves, not to mention tidying and moving umpteen items of crafting paraphenalia. He is, as the saying goes, "A Brick"!

Besides, he likes to spend time stirring various bits of earth in the garden (he calls it "gardening" and who am I to argue?); he also has a subscription to an online game site, where he and The Boy like to while away their spare hours on a rainy day, having many virtual online adventures and crafting new characters to play as.

And as for the Amazon and Paypal bills... these days I pay for much of my crafting stuff from my own (albeit small) income, so he doesn't mind too much.. and many of the Amazon bills refer to "iTunes" or assorted DVD's, none of which would interest me... Though he did pay the air fare and accommodation for my trip to Spain (I paid the course fees) - I love Mr LizzieMade!

I think we're a reasonably good illustration of the "Live and Let Live" principle (most of the time)!


My family don't really "get" it, though my daughters occasionally bring me things now that might be useful. Himself is heroic - he supports me not only in my arty pursuits, but in spreading the word to share it with others. Am just a good picker obviously ....LOL. However, I am able to buy my own materials, which is just as well because this way he never knows how much I spend on "stuff". He would probably join Himself's blog if only to know that he wasn't alone!


PS You should write a book - really! I'd buy it.


Can I just say that I laughed and smiled my way through this whole post? This was brilliant! Will there be more episodes?

Missus Wookie

This made me smile and I have to confess wonder about all the scraps of left over pond liner that are in a bag out in the garden. I'd be quite happy to send you some as although that sounds fascinating I just don't think I'm up to starting screen printing as well.


hahahaha! That's priceless!


Seriously hysterical. Just tell Himself it's a lost cause and just go with the flow, it's easier that way my husband says. LOL

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