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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


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Hysterical but so true... A sad state of affairs... Love the commentary and the robot representation.


I wholeheartedly agree! As soon as Blogger went to the double pronged, impossible to read word verification, I turned it off!


Im with you two Alexa...I have stopped commenting and a lot of blogs because of it. Not wasting time re-typing words!!!

Jen Hart

It is a nightmare!
I am in a photo a day challenge and our host Suzie very sensibly said turn it off! I have never used it on my blog and I have never attracted any spam :)

I love the bright robot layout, just gorgeous!


LOL Alexa! It's so frustrating isn't it? I particularly dislike the curliness of the second word!

Jacky S

I so so so agree with you.....I already hated word verification....and now it sometimes makes it impossible to leave comments....if I get it wrong the first time.....I frequently don't have time to try again......and surely a robot would find it much easier to decipher than a human does!!!!!

Julie Jeavons

Totally agree - my eyesight is going downhill due to age and I am so struggling to work out the words.
Maybe we should start a Facebook Page and see how many people we can attract????

Paul B

Haha looks like someone got out of the bed on the wrong side today :) We all have our pet peeves & it's fun to read such a witty LO on yours. Have to say, I've not even thought about the word verification and it doesn't bother me but I'm no saint. My layout would be about my daily zebra crossing and the failure of cars to stop to let people cross (okay not people, ME lol). Pxx


I'm so pleased that it isn't just me that feels this way! Love the way you have used robot paper as your background - perfect! Sometimes those letter combinations are just impossible and I am ashamed to say that I have, on occasion, simply given up trying to leave a comment. I took off the word verification option on my blog some time ago and I am happy to announce that (I do hope I am not tempting fate by saying this) no robots have left comments for me yet!


You are so right - everyone should TURN IT OFF - as I am being turned off commenting too! Interestingly the extra punctuation is rarely needed and the verifier doesn't seem to care about case - or maybe I've just been "lucky"?

My blog has never had WV, nor moderation and so far ... I've had 2 spam messages ... tempting fate there! If they start I'll switch moderation on - then it's up to me to deal with not my blog friends!


Love it Alexa, you've turned a modern frustration in to a classic Alexa LO! I'll add my name to the campaign against WV.....!!!!


Visit my site. Bargain vaccuum cleaners....
Kidding! I hate those validations things too. Some of them are indecypherable and I have to have three goes!


I'm right there with you! The double word verification on blogger has almost reduced me to tears of frustration lately - I'd hate to have to stop commenting, but I'm finding it so very hard on my eyes at the minute I might have no other choice. But your cheerful look at the whole thing has left me laughing. Hurray!


Grrr word verification... and when I turned it off, I got masses of Spam! No fair!
You have my sympathy!


The background robot paper is so perfect! And I'll join the long list who DETEST the word verification!


Right on! I despise the new word verification...such a pain in the you know where. I avoid commenting from my smartphone. That's already a pain. Now, it's just as annoying to comment of my laptop. As a blogger, make it easy for people to comment. It's simpler to delete the spam.


I'm with you too Alexa..love your LO though!
Alison xx


I do sympathize--it took me three tries today to order up some freebie gardening publications. It's not as if they are protecting the nation's treasure! The good news is that I can expect my pubs in approx. 21 business days--that's 4 weeks!


Seems you have a hit a nerve with everyone. I too agree - I have turned mine off on my blog and so far have not been hit by spam.


Oh I'm with you 100% Alexa. I blogged about this very thing a couple of weeks ago. Love your approach to documenting it.

Karen Walker

I'm another one that's with you 100%. Some of it has gotten really difficult!


What a totally fun idea for a layout!


Add my name to the list please. It is, as everyone else says, a total nightmare. My heart sinks when I see it.


Couldn't agree more Alexa I have given up too many times, twisting myself to read those words is a nightmare! Great layout by he way


Y-E-S-S!! I'm so glad someone is saying what needs to be said. I - myself - hate the captcha codes. You are so clever and creative - and direct and to the point. Well said!


With you all the way girl! But then how else can we keep the spammers out? You've made a great job of getting this off your chest ...


I hear you! But alas, lately, my blog reading time has been so limited that I think I might almost miss those silly two word verifications (as long as they don't start including numbers, which are harder for me to type without looking). I did say almost.


haha ... love it.

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