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Friday, 10 February 2012


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Don't let anyone tell you you have not filled the page - you most certainly have ... and beautifully too!
I love the 'Did you know' facts!

PS What did you mean by me having a go?

Karen Walker

This is just wonderful, and I don't think you should question your design sense. If it didn't look right to you, it shouldn't be there! What a wonderful photo!

Helena c

stunning layout - love the opaque text boxes over the photo


This is so different for you but it is still you. Love the larger photo across the page.


Another brilliant LO, great to see you stretching yourself. And I'm sure that great design tops keeping within the rules. You need some wiggle room to make it, as you so eloquently put it, digestible :) Hope the snow keeps at bay for you. Pxx

Jacky S

That page is definately full,Alexa.....and wonderfully full.....a brilliant way of adding 'the facts'.


I love it! Love the little facts you've included:) Have to say your son sounds awfully like mine!! (except mine is younger, still at uni, not yet married or a Dad)


nearly up-to-date on my homework. so far i've completed seven LOs I think considering my mental state at the mo pretty good going. i love the way u've split the journalling and made it a lil letter to each individual. i think the white space makes the picture shout out even more,
we have snow here but it starting to melt already,
jo xxxx


Ah Alexa! You never cease to amaze with your designs. This one is not only clean & simple, it 's also chock full of personality, fulfilling it's calling as one in your Q &N series. I think it works very well.

Katie B

What a nice page. Love the journaling and the notes to each of them. You've been pinned.


You always get it right! It looks perfect to me


Another stunning LO, Alexa! I love reading your journalling x


I love this layout - the little bit of white space above the journalling I think is needed and the page looks filled to me!


This is terrific - maybe one of my favorites of yours. Love how you tell the story..how you've done the overlay and the commentary. So very clever and creative!


Love this - all the little snippets of info - I can imagine someone finding your book in years to come and reading all the detail!


That is a fabulous photo for this layout - perfect for making it cover the page!


Love the photo..it works perfectly for this Prompt..and the facts are a great addition to the journalling!
Alison xx


Oh Alexa, this page is just wonderful. I love it.


Another great page. I just love the way you have overlaid the journaling directly onto the person you are addressing. Really clever.
Slowly getting over the chest infection, thank you.


Love all the little tid bits of info about everybody!! I'd rather you didn't fill that space, your eye needs that bit of a pause.

Mary B

what a wonderful photo and such a great idea for the journalling.


most definitely filled the brief. A wonderful page.
why is it we have to ensure the bed covers are equal lengths! :)


I think you did an excellent job of filing the space, it looks great!


I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and commented, allowing me to find you. I enjoy visiting your blog and I'm inspired each and every time. What a neat way to add journaling to a layout. Great pic too!


Genius, genius way to journal!!! Wow, I missed so much by not visiting more often!

Missus Wookie

Oh this is lovely - what a great way to journal. So fun to see the two summaries for each.

Wanda Jorgensen

Amazing page--you managed in tiny space to tell so much about each person.

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