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Sunday, 05 February 2012


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It looks like you have covered all bases today Alexa! Your Dad is a very wise man!

Helena c

So true and hope he enjoyed his allsorts. Loving your notes and quotes LOs


thanks for your sweet message Alexa, I have a post scheduled for later today plus I hope to have a story to tell today as well! Hope you are well and that my little card reached you ok xxx


ps love your Dad layout xxx


What a wise man, I am looking forward to my jam today days in the years to come.


What a very wise man, I am looking forward to my jam today days in the years to come.


What a lovely story and layout. Wise words - I hope he enjoyed his sweets!


Very wise words. I have never heard it put that way before.


Priceless. What a wonderful story to remember.


I think your Dad has got it about right! The quotes and notes book sounds a lovely idea.


Another wonderful LO oozing heartfelt expression. Great to see your use of the sketch in another way. Px


What a wise man your dad is! And that's a lovely photo of him. My dad was a lover of liquorice allsorts.

Julie Kirk

What great words to have captured and saved. And in such style too. Wonderful page Alexa :-)

Wanda Jorgensen

My own dad often offered up little tidbits of advice. They were said with a twinkle in his eye and a hint of laughter in his voice and they were always worth remembering. So is this one from your dad...I think I'll have some jam today!


How wonderful is this post? A great photograph backed up with a terrific story. Such wise words to reflect on throughout the day. Thank you Alexa for sharing it.


He's so right - another lovely Notes & Quotes page - loving the big photos with the little stories.


Oh I seem to be in love with your Quotes and Notes idea!!! Great idea! Have so many nuggets of wisdom my Grandad used to say. Must document them before I forget. Digitally I think. Thanks for the inspiration and such a cute story. Adore elderly people so much!

A Facebook User

Lovely photo and lovely conversation to capture,he is very true x


Wow Alexa, dont you look like you're Dad! Lovely, lovely story & wise words spoken


A perfect combination of words and picture, and an excellent motto to be by to boot! Yes, I like this very much indeed. And I'm also rather partial to an allsort or two. Wine gums would have been my Dad's choice, and I am positive he would have agreed with the sentiment entirely.

Thank you for a lovely contribution to Storytelling Sunday Alexa


Great page Alexa...hope he enjoyed his Allsorts!
Alison xx


You have put a smile on my face as ever Alexa! I LOVE your story and your photo and your page! Such a great sentiment:)


Ah, good for Dad! He is so right... and I also try to make sure my mum gets as much "jam" as she wants!
Lovely story, as always.


What a lovely layout and story. I always enjoy hearing wisdom from those who've traveled a long way on life's journey. Thanks for sharing.

Jacky S

He is so right.....and I'm totally with him on the liquorice allsorts.....my all time favourite.


Love the big photo and the black works for me. Maybe Jam Today should be our motto regardless of age?


What a lovely memory and photo to capture, record and share Alexa!! Such frankness, I love it!


I love the photo of your Dad and the journalling is very touching.


A lovely layout - look forward to reading more of your notes and quotes.


Love this!


Beautiful :)

Julie Jeavons

If you don't usually use black then of course it counts. My Dad likes liquorice allsorts too - I'll have to ask him when he likes his jam LOL!


These quotes will be treasured, Alexa. A lovely way to record memories and pass on details about a person. What a lovely photo too.


awesome! :)

Karen Walker

This is fabulous; I love every bit of it.

Michelle Easters

This is brilliant love the photo on your layout :)

Carrie Rosalind

Such a great story and a wonderful quote from your dad! :)


Oh and me too, just love the big picture, and of course the story and wisdom.


This is perfect. Simply perfect. Well done :) What a wise man your father is!

Missus Wookie

Great story and reversal of black for white space too!

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