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Monday, 06 February 2012


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Ha - when will these men learn that we women are always right!

We did have snow - note the past tense - we now have frozen, rutted slush!

Karen Walker

No snow across the ocean. What little we've had disappeared rather quickly. My son is buried under in Denver, however. Love your yellow sweater and scarf! And your smile is deserved!


fabulous story. Not sure I could have braved it.


Gorgeous picture and no it didn't :*(


Yes here in Berkshire we had snow - don't think it will hang around for long. The girls were pleased it happened on a sunday so they could enjoy it. Well done for wearing yellow too!

Julie Kirk

You look so bright and happy ... and it's not just the yellow!

We had about the same amount of snow as you which has now half thawed ... but the other half has frozen solid! [so I'm glad I'm off work this week and haven't had to brave it!]

Julie :-)

[p.s: I've added you in your yellow splendour to the Pinterest board]


I noticed you looking resplendent in yellow straightaway :) Yep we had snow and the wellies have had an outing this morning. I stayed in the warm yesterday. It's starting to thaw now so I hope it disappears before it turns to ice.


No snow here in Sussex! A bit disappointed, but also a bit relieved ifyswim! Lovely to see you in your gorgeous yellow top Alexa!


You are such the storyteller!! I love how you make the everyday so sensational! No snow here in Virignia, USA... We (my family we) are rather disappointed...


No! Not a snowflake to be seen here. Your view looks very pretty and even better with a dash of yellow added


The dusting we had on the mountains last week has well and truly gone..and a balmy 15 degrees (C) today!
Alison xx


We had an inch but it was very varied all around. Virtually gone now. Great smile :0)


lol! snow here too and more forecast for tonight.


No snow here :( lots of rain though surprisingly!!!! :p
It's a great picture :)


Yes, snow here. The main roads have thawed but here in the village it is still quite thick. Luckily not marooned this year - I couldn't get out for 4 days last winter. Love the cheerful yellow - note to self: dig out some brighter clothes!

Wanda Jorgensen

Was Himself smiling because you were the one that ended up out in the snow?? I wouldn't be surprised...

BTW, no snow here in Tampa ;-)


No snow here in my part of the west country. You look lovely, sunny and happy. If we get the snow, I hope it's the same kind that is making you smile.


On this side of the Atlantic we've been blessed with an unusually mild winter. More warm temps and fog rather than snow as of late, and I'm good with that. And the next day that I am lamenting about not enough sunshine, I promise to dash to the closet and remedy the situation.

Jacky S

Looks like you have the same amount as us.....and although the roads are all now clear....the paths are lethal!!!!


You are looking both bright and happy :) No snow in North Carolina (USA) and doesn't like we'll be seeing any this year. I am so alright with that, bring on spring!!!


We got, oooo, an inch, maybe 2. Kai managed to make a snow castle with his bucket but not enough for a snowman & by the next day it was mostly ucky slush :-(
I'd have had to get a ruler as well ;-)

Thanks for directing me to Julies blog, dont know why I'd missed that, doh! All linked up now, cheers dears xx

kate Adderley

Hi Alexa, what a funny post, love it, they way you write is wonderful, also looking back on your last few posts about you dad and the licorice alsorts and the dancing , great pages love the way you set it up, they are simple and beautiful and tell a great story, love your work, and thanks for the comments on my blog, its people like, you that keep inspiring me LONG THE WAY........thanks


What a fun post+photo. As told by others, no snow here (Washington DC) either... possible flakes or so today but no accumulation...
Great new banner, too.


That was fun. We have had a few slight brushes with snow this month; and when I say slight, I mean there were probably 10 snowflakes on my windshield this morning and a micrometer of snow on the rear window on Sunday. Maybe this will be a gentle winter. One can hope. Enjoy the snow and wearing yellow.

(Link seen on A Month of Sunrays pinboard.)

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