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Monday, 20 February 2012


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Karen Walker

Whatever those challenges might be, I'm quite sure you'll do them proud. I love seeing how you adapt your sketch to each new assignment.


Oh this is a great idea for a layout! Unfortunately, I grow grow tatties under my eyes today, nevermind!


fabulous memories. Lovely to see you on saturday.


Catching up with you today, Thank you for the texture and the Hex's I can't wait to use them. So many of your sayings are familiar to me with the family all from Dublin. I really love the bookmark picture, is it a pocket?


Oh great Alexa! I remember many of these sayings from my own childhood, though I didn't know they came from Ireland... My grandparents were Scots and my mother spent some of her childhood in Scotland too, so I suppose she learned her sayings from there.
Fun page, with some nice touches - I like the vertical photo idea, I love the line of coloured brads, with the matching little dots to separate each Saying, and the stripey strips above and below your journalling panel. Very nice!

Jacky S

Love all the sayings.....some are new to me.....but some my mum used to say.....particularly the 'who's she-the cat's mother'!!


i love the subtle use of circles in ur work. mine has yet to be photographed,
jo xxx


A trip down memory lane for me today. I remember most of those sayings, particularly the barn door. I was always in trouble for not closing doors properly. Great page.


Your digital scrapping is really REALLY beautiful, I love it.


Oh, yes! Some lovely familiar ones in there and they have made me smile on a very wet and windy day here today.


Always intrigued and inspired by your challenging but simple compositions. Wonderful!


Oh, this - the journaling, that is - was too funny. I'd not heard any of these expressions ( living here in the US ), so I had a hearty chuckle. That being said, really must congratulate you on the layout made the "old fashioned way." Per expectation, a 'simply Alexa' gem and it just goes to show, too, how versatile one sketch is/ can be.



Oh yes, I heard a few of those when I was growing up! Lovely post and a great take on the 'circular' challenge. I've just read the latest one, a layout without a photo {gulp} That's going to be a tough one for me!


Woohoo, another beautiful layout from the sketch. Expertly made away from home. You did extremely well. I was only just saying to someone crafty today that I find it much harder to create away from my craft room. I feel I need to bring it all with me. Sorry I missed you :( Work in Manchester tied me up instead. Pxx


Some familiar saying there! and it's good to record them.


I remember quite a few of those being said to me by my Gran, as I was growing up...great page Alexa!
Alison xx


Great memories. I also have an Irish grandma and I tried to read your sayings with her accent for the full effect.


Oh my! How I enjoyed reading those!!! She, sorry, Grandma Mattie, must be a hoot! :) Another wonderful idea for a subject!

Diane Herman

Love the brads :)

Wanda Jorgensen

These terse little sayings are treasures for sure. The one about being born in a barn reminds me of one of my Dad's "close the door--we're not paying to heat the great outdoors." Another one..."use your head for more than to keep your ears apart!"

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