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Friday, 17 February 2012


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Everything about what you do is so clever..inspiring..creative. Love it!


Lovely - I hope you have more success with this year's format - it is lovely to look back on each month's doings!


I love the multi-coloured striped effect - it's great. Amazing about all the snow and ice near you - I hope you don't get another lot this weekend!
I read your text about the various projects your playing with. Just so you know, it is possible to buy a "flow medium" for acrylic paints - see the "flow enhancer" listing here: http://www.lawrence.co.uk/acatalog/System3-Mediums.html. I'm not sure how well it works, but I would think that you can get a much smoother paint, if you mix this carefully, along with some water. However, the liquid acrylics are very smooth/watery - perhaps more like inks really. When I was at school/college, we did cheat a bit, by adding pva and water to our acrylic paints, so they would be smoother and go further. I always did find acrylics rather sticky and gooey (which can be a good thing, so long as you don't want a smooth finish). You could always try gouache instead - it's like a more densely pigmented water-colour. That can be mixed with other mediums too, to give a different effect.
Anyway, good luck with your experiments - do let me know what you think of liquid acrylics?


HGope you have a productive weekend. Are we seeing you tomorrow?


I really love the look of the project...will look forward to watching it grow past Easter :)


So clever, Alexa, really hope you manage to continue with it because you know how important it is ;)


Good luck! Keeping up with yearly projects is a challenge, a couple of years ago I started a month in review, I lasted until June and then things fell off the rails - I hope you manage the full year!


Well you've made a good start it's looking lovely. I like the multi stripe pocket for tickets and receipts. Have a great weekend.


You have made a good start and the layout is beautiful. It is lovely to have a record to look back on.


Looking good! I really love seeing different 'takes' on project life:)


I like the stripe and contemporary feel of your project. It blends so well with your photographs and stories.
Enjoy the painting and looking forward to seeing the results.


Lovely stuff! (as always). Enjoy your spa treat - you deserve it


Love your version and I hope you are able to continue, for your memories are so precious to and for your family. And I hope you got your spa treat.

Karen Walker

I'm so intrigued by the Project Life layouts I see, but your version looks so much more doable---if only I had your technical and design skills! Beautiful photos, too.


Good to see your persisting with this project. Every layout counts :) Love the mix of photos and journalling. Your style is perfection as always. Px


This is a great format and looks very doable. Hope you got that spa treat:)

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