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Wednesday, 08 February 2012


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Yes, perhaps you'd better get started on the reverse style of payout - though, I have no doubt you will carry it off with a lovely understated elegance.


Well it's a great page Alexa - but then, it's totally YOU!

Jen Hart

A lovely page and great journaling. What a poppet he is and I love the story behind the chair.


wow - lovely story and stunning layout


Now that I would like to see haha. I bet I could still see the Alexa style through all the patterns and embellishments though lol. This is another splendid LO and the dusty monochrome colours are sumptuous. Pxx


Love it - simple, succint and VERY stylish!


Arghhhh - that should of course have been "succinct" - slightly too succinctly spelt!

Jacky S

It certainly is perfectly you....I too would be interested to see you attempt the opposite!!!!
I do love the story that you've put with the photo....the connections of history never end.


Oh wow, just love this page. Gorgeous photo and perfect page design. No need to add anything else.


Super great layout, in all ways, as always. A treat. And the journaling cannot be beat! T'would be interesting to see a layout with lots of PP, etc. When?! ;-)).



A lovely page and photo of a little boy who has about him, I think, quite the look of his his Grandma!

Helen B

Wow - how beautiful! That photo is just gorgeous and you've let it shine.


Alexa, this is just lovely. What a wonderful way to store up memories for you and your family! As usual, I'm filled with admiration - you may prefer a simple style, but your way of interpreting that style is definitely note "simple"! A gorgeous page, with such a harmonious touch - I love it!

Alison McInnes

Wonderful journalling...and page!
Alison xx


beautiful page and I really love all the history old and new especially about the chair wow!


Simply beautiful, the page and the boy and he looks just like you!


It may be simple to you Alexa but I wouldn't be able to pull that off with such style and composure! The story will be a wonderful memory for your grandson and I'm dying to learn more about the chair!!

Karen Walker

Your Quotes and Notes pages are quickly becoming favorites of mine! I love the design and especially, the stories.


YES..YES!! Wonderful. Love the simplicity..the balance!

Kirsty Neale

Some days it's impossible to decide whether your pages or your stories are the most wonderful. Let's just say you're exceptionally good at both and I, for one, love coming here to read and look at them.

Also, your grandson is utterly adorable (but I'm guessing you already know that)!



Fantastic! Love Monochrome!

Mary B

Love it, love how the journalling reflects the old and new working in perfect harmony love the colours too subtle muted and perfectly blended.


wonderful words and a super design alexa xx


oh perfect memories to treasure...and beautifully recorded :0)

Wanda Jorgensen

By the look of his baggy pants and your description of him, I'd say he's all boy for sure! I love how you blended away the background at the top to minimize distractions behind him--this looks almost like a studio portrait! Beyond that, love the story and the simplicity of this page.


Popped back from your 3/25 post to see this and so glad I did, I love the layout and the journaling was so interesting, well done, Alexa!

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