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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


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Looks like you had some fun with this page! I LOVE that you wrote to your purse! How creative!

Helen B

15 years? It lasted so well! Love your tribute page with the stamps and beautiful colours :)


Seriously? 15 years?!! Geez, I'm lucky I get my purse to last a year or two! The doodle stamps, colors, letter to a purse! All of it, genius! Fantastic! Good luck with the family biz; gotta do what we gotta do, eh?!


What a fitting tribute to 15 years of daily service!


fabulous layout and fabulous story. Love it.


Beautiful! Love all the bright colours and doodles. Looks like a lot of well spent time has gone into producing this wonderful page. Px


Oooh how lovely is this page, love your doodles and of course writing to your purse is fabulous, completely 'up my street'.
Thinking of you & hoping all will be well in your world. x

Jacky S

What a colourful,fitting tribute to a faithful servant.....I've never had a purse that's lasted anywhere near that long......though I do have a Magimix food processor that has just passed it's 35th birthday.....maybe it needs a page in its honour as well.


LOL - brilliant page Alexa - brightened my day too (though for once the sun is shining and the sky is blue) - 15 years is very long and faithful service!


A fun and bright layout alexa.


Its a lovely page to brighten up my day and a fitting tribute to your faithful servant.


So lovely Alexa! Wow, fifteen years, you are obviously a women after my own heart: buy things that are built to last!


This is a wonderful page, glorious to the eye!


That is pretty to the Nth degree.


What a fun LO!
Alison xx


And what a lovely burst of colour and doodling it is. A great tribute page it reminds of mine to my favourite sandals :)


Love the colorful doodles here. Perfect for a grey day!! Will look forward to what's coming next...:-)!


I love the way you have written this Alexa and your colourful doodling is just so pretty.


Love the journaling. I've had several favorites like that over the years, but never thought to take a photo and memorialize them. What fun doodling, and the bright, cheerful colors are much appreciated here on a gray, snowy day!


That's a lovely page, Alexa. I was looking at a stand at a recent Craft Show and admiring Zentangles which are just another name for doodles. I was quite inspired to have a go sometime. I too have been busy and may have missed some of your recent posts. I'll browse when I have more time, meanwhile I hope things go well for you over the coming weeks and I look forward to reading when your posts when you get time. By the way, I too need a new purse. It is so hard replacing one you are so familiar with. Hope your new one becomes well loved.

Wanda Jorgensen

I'm of an age where the comfort of old, tested things is way more appealing than newer replacements. At least the color of your new wallet is reminiscent of your old one--hopefully it will have as long a history as its predecessor.

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