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Wednesday, 01 February 2012


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Skype is truly marvellous, we utilise it with parents who live far away too.
I cannot comprehend how little sun you see, even in the depth of an Australian winter we see much, much more then that.

Jen Hart

I love the way you have recorded the numbers, that was something I didn't think through enough and I ended up with none in the post.

I love the creamer jug, yes, nicer in white.

I hope February is calmer :)


Great way to record the previous month. Nick would happily settle into this exercise, he's always counting stuff. I wouldn't know where to start. I'm in awe of your creative journaling and ability to transfer it into numbers. Crossing fingers that February is a better month for you. Px

Julie Kirk

Oh alexa - you always say the nicest things! What a nice start to my morning. Thankyou.

And thank you for finding time to join in with your numbers too. [And Many Happy Returns to No.2 too!]

If only you could get a train like that directly to work every day. You'd have so much more free time .. you might even squeeze in a jog!

Your post's now pinned to the Month in Numbers board with everyone else's: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Thanks again Alexa.

Julie x

p.s: Yes, that cream jug is slightly worrying ...


How posh is your month in numbers?! Wow, I love it... I must get mine more posh soon, instead of just using the blogger templates :o) sounds like you had a good, albeit a little busy, month! see you next time hopefully!


Don't know how I'd go having so little sunshine, although looks like you kept very busy.


Great pages Alexa and lovely words as ever - better busy than bored, but here's hoping for a few more rays of sunshine in February!


Lovely digital page, such a clean, crisp layout. I like the way you have created a bounding box with two curved and two straight corners. So interesting to read about your month in numbers.


I'm with you on where has January gone! I love your record of the month and especially the photo of your shadows. Where were the beach huts? Being a soft southerner I'm interested to know ;)


As stylish as ever in your counting and recording! It's a pleasure to see so many participants this month, isn't it?


What a neat concept and now I'm going to look up the word 'raconteuse.'


Another stunning page - enjoyed reading those - some great shots too.


A very stylish set of numbers and photos. Hooray for Skype, beautiful flowers and thoughtful husbands. Another soft Southerner (although I prefer West Country girl) wondering where the beach huts are situated.


I love the LO. Hope Feb is calmer and provides a bit more sunshine for you :)


What a busy month you had. I love beach huts, they are always so cheery even on the chilliest of days. Hope February is a little more relaxed for you.


I love reading these little snippets about the month - hope you get more peace and sunshine in Feb :)


So enjoyed viewing & reading your month in numbers. Love the LO: clean, simple, engaging. I too hope Feb brings more sun to ya, always makes the day even greater.


I love the layout you are using. The lack of sunshine would right there kill January for me! Love the grandbaby is skyping, I'm sure even if you manage a quiet February, you'll welcome the little one's coos.


This is lovely - a great way to record the month :)


You have such a creative way of journalling your life's story. Love this!!!

Karen Walker

I really do love these By the Numbers pages, and this is one of my favorites ever! The design is just wonderful and it's easy to tell that you've had a busy month. (The photos are great, too.)


Love how you organized and presented your Month in Numbers. Your photos are pretty fabulous too!!!

Wanda Jorgensen

Your postage-stamp-sized photos are perfect! Anything more and there wouldn't be space for your words. As usual, a beautiful page.

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