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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


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Works for me Alexa! Not every page needs a fancy title and journaling.


I love that you left the pictures to tell the story :) Looks like he had some fun feeding those ducks! Also I love that you included those little green triangles beside the hexagon for added design interest :)


There is so much interest in this page, the design is simple and yet detailed ... it works really well with no journaling!


sometimes all you need are the photos. Simply gorgeous page.Loving the hexagons.


This is fab I love it! Amanda's sewing is lovely.


Lots of wonderful visual interest in this gorgeous LO. The hexagons are a wonderfully different way to display a selection of photos. And I love the fabric textured background. Pxx


How lovely, and those pictures tell their own story. I think even us paper scrapbookers could use the hexagon style - what a refreshing change!


Another stunning page - I don't think it needs many words.


Thank you Alexa, you know I love a hexie :) I think your wonderful photos tell the story on their own.


Gorgeous page. The strip of patterned paper is a perfect match for your photographs and gives the page cohesion. I love hexagons and have stitched many in my lifetime. Thank you for a digital one.

Jacky S

I love the effect you have got here,Alexa....it may even tempt me to try some digi....as I imagine trying to hand cut those hexagons would be a nightmare!!
And I do think that sometimes the pictures tell the story....these pictures take me back to feeding the ducks with my kids.....it was one of their favourite things to do.....though I understand the health and safety police now discourage it....not good for the ducks apparently!!!!!


The pictures definitely tell the story! and hexagon shaped photos look fresh and different. I like them very much


Love the little hexies Alexa. How interesting to see a page from you with no journalling or title, but it totally works. The photos tell their story very well.


Looking at this page makes me feel ever so relaxed...the colors, shapes, and especially the photos, do indeed speak a thousand -plus words. Very, very great. Thanks for sharing; it gives us a chance to pause and appreciate the wonder of it all.


Like the hexagons...something new to try!
Alison xx


I've seen several layouts using hexagons, but this is the first one with hexagon photos...I LOVE it!


those photos are ust lovely.


Oh yes, the photos certainly do speak for themselves - what a lovely page this is! He's such a lovely little chap - I remember when I had a small boy like this... now he's a strapping young man of 14 years old (who has, yet again, grown out of all his trousers and cost me another pile of cash to replace them!).
Lovely memories to keep forever...
And I like the hexagons too!


Ack! Just re-read my post... My English Teacher would go nuts at the "repetition" of the word "Lovely"! Sorry... I promise to go and look for the Thesaurus before my next comment!

Karen Walker

The photos tell the story with no need for more words, and beautiful photos, they are. The hexagons are so "in" right now; they're on all the trend pages!


Lovely page Alexa - I think there must be something in the air as I am also working with some hexagons - love the way you've used different sizes with triangles in between!


What a wonderful layout of a handsome little fellow! Journaling? What do you need that for? Isn't there some saying about a picture speaks a thousand words or something like that? LOL!


Love it, so inventive.


Love how you've used a traditional quilt pattern as your inspiration. And - yes - I think the photos do tell the whole story!


Very pretty - I might have to try replicating this in paper!


I LOVE this design! Love it!!!

Wanda Jorgensen

If I had to caption this one, I think I'd have to say "yikes" especially with respect to the bottom center pic where the goose seems totally determined to get whatever it sees!

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