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Monday, 13 February 2012


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love the grunge paper Alexa - thanks for sharing! And it seems like that bike sure was worth every penny paid!


Making your own paper is very clever Alexa, is it a difficult process? Thanks for sharing!


Nice paper! Love the story about buying your bike!


Gorgeous paper, love the textures in it. A brilliant way to come up with stash to suit your colour needs :) And another superb LO from the sketch. I bet if I wasn't looking out for it, I wouldn't even spot that the last number of LOs have been from just one design. Px


Love the paper and another great story.

Sonja W

Love the story and the grungy paper. It's very Basic Grayish which I love.

Jacky S

Love this story,Alexa....and what a bargain. The grungy paper looks great.


It takes a lot of fiddling, Amy! Thank-you for popping in, and being such a regular visitor. :)


Oh Alexa, there's a story for you!


What a great story! (and a great way of keeping fit, perfectly documented on your lovely page)


wow making ur own paper, you're super clever. at last a picture of beautiful you as well. love this LO and it is a wonderful story. i myself have had a few bikes. there was barry the bike who was stolen from outside my house after serving me faithfully for 2 1/2 years cycling in and around Cambridge, then there was racing bike I borrowed from a friend. now i have a friend's old bike which is currently looking a bit sorry for herself and will need a visit to the local cycle shop for some therapy,
jo xxx


What a lovely story! That was a really lucky phone call. Makes for a lovely layout too.


Great story, Alexa. Fab paper, the texture compliments the bicycle basket perfectly - I love how you put so much thought into every aspect of your LOs :)


you definitley got your money's worth then! Loving the page.


Some things are just meant to be :) Your background looks perfect anf thanks for sharing.


How clever of you to have made your own paper...and love what you did with the design!
Alison xx


What luck you had coming across your bike and what a story! Love the digital paper you created! The two rounded corners sitting next to the bike wheel and the Q are a wonderful touch!


What a great story Alexa! My college bike was handed down to me by my Gran. It did me many years of good service, until someone stole it from the back garden. Love the name of your handmade digi paper.

Mary Evans

I just had to post a comment on here as I have just found your blog through UKScrappers and am stunned and delighted at your brilliant blog entries! I sit at my journal day after day wondering what to put in it......you are soooo inspiring, thank you. I shall visit a LOT!!

M x

Helen B

Great story - had to laugh that they actually did have one and sold it to you :))


Hello Mary and I'm delighted you're liking what you find here, and you will always be welcome! Typepad didn't leave a blog address for you, so if you have one, please do let me know so that I can come and visit you too. :)


what a wonderful story

Karen Walker

Great story and beautiful layout. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Wanda Jorgensen

Sometimes luck is the only thing that will do--and you certainly made the best of your lucky call. Another wonderfully creative and meaningful page!

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