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Monday, 27 February 2012


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Life is Blooming marvellous when you find a great creative outlet!


Alexa sometimes you blooming crack me up! Glad that you are so enjoying the class. Paint can definitely be a lot of fun!

Jen Hart

Well, you have certainly conveyed how addicted you are to the class and having just been over to Flora's site I can see why. I feel as though I would seriously enjoy the class.....I will have a good think about that.

Love the sensitive boiler :)

Julie Jeavons

She should pay you for that advert LOL!


Wow - good to see you happy and getting messy and adventurous with bright, colourful paints. Glad to see it's bringing you joy. This is a beautiful page, capturing the essence of how you feel in the moment :). Pxx


Alexa you tell such a great story. Glad to hear you are enjoying paint - its something I have just started to venture into as well.

Jacky S

Great to see you enjoying playing with paint so much....sounds like a great class.


great to hear you're enjoying the class so much Alexa, Blooming marvellous!


there are never too many classes alexa, just not enough time. himself is wonderful, i've met him and he fitted in with us scrapbookers marvellously. plus if he does the veggies so you can craft he's pretty perfect,
jo xxx

Karen Walker

I have a project in mind that involves paint, and I have no experience with it at all. Perhaps I should be joining in. I must admit I got a good giggle while reading your post!


Such evocative words, such a beautiful page - you certainly have a "keeper" there :o}


Sounds like an interesting class and a blooming fabulous husband you have there Alexa :o)


I didn't want to stop reading you have such a lovely way with words and he himself sounds like a treasure!! enjoy your class.


It sounds like you are having fun good for you....maybe you should try your toes. You will tell/show us more of what you create won't you?

Missus Wookie

Aw, love the boiler's comments and think that your dh is definitely a keeper. Enjoy the paint - and maybe toes are next week? ;)


Oh how I would love to play with paint, you make it sound such fun. So glad it's making you happy.


Himself deserves some recognition, yes! He made a good impression when he brought you all the way over to spend your day with us, in Coalport!

This paint class sounds fabulous. Like a sort-of "fling away your inhibitions and just have fun" class. It'll do you good!


That sounds a great class Alexa. Have lots of fun with the paint!!


This sounds great!! I may have to just try this one myself!!!


Sounds like you are having fun...I wish paint 'did it' for me!
Alison xx


Glad you are enjoying playing with paint! I have quite a bit in my stash and there it sits, never played with!


Your story, your page and that fabulous paint...love it all!


How Blooming spectacular Alexa!! And having the support of one's other half, no matter how forthright (ah hem! LOL) or not, makes the whole experience that much more! Your dance in and out of the paint, fingers and toes is lyrical!!

Jennifer Grace

ha ha! love how you've told this. I hope you're having fun with the paint! x


My goodness those colours are just gorgeous


Sounds and looks like such fun, how wonderful to live in a house where creative play trumps doing the vegetables!

Wanda Jorgensen

Sounds messy to me, but have fun nonetheless!


Hihi, I love how you wrote this story!
Wishing you a lot of joyful painting hours in the near future too as this was and is an amazing adventure!
Warm greetings from your Belgian Bloom True colleague
cococita x
PS: have a beautiful weekend!

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