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Monday, 23 January 2012


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I like it out. The design is so clean and graceful. Very pretty page.


I would have taken the extra journaling block out too. This is the perfect sketch for twisting and turning, it's going to look great regardless of the orientation and will have enough interest while retaining continuity within an album.


Love that - "if in doubt, take it out"!! Yes, it looks better without. It's always a quandary when you want to rotate a template and a sweet little journaling spot becomes unusable! I love the context provided by that shot of your feet. Brilliant page!

Karen W

I think it's better out. Your design sense is always good!


I like it out too, I think you made the right decision. Great design BTW.

Jacky S

My motto is far more usually 'if in doubt,add some more'!! But you are quite right here.

Julie Jeavons

I'm not going to disagree with anyone so far. That vertical block of text makes the first page look too much like a page in a Sunday Supplement (a very posh Sunday supplement obvs!)
I love the trick of the eye. Thinking, 'wow amazing shot', then 'how did she do that?', followed by 'that's physically impossible' and finally 'ah, I see'.


love the horizontal lines of the hills and the shoes. Don't think the journaling would have worked quite as well vertically. Great memory.


I agree with everyone and yourself, it looks better without the vertical strip of text. Sketches are meant to inspire, not be rigidly stuck to anyway. And you've shown a wonderful example of why your great eye for design works better than a sketch. Px

Wanda Jorgensen

I'm definitely in the minority here...I liked the vertical journaling. I thought it framed the photo and helped draw the eye in. My 2 cents!


I like both versions Alexa however I can see what mean. U do love ur clean lines and the whole thing about a sketch is u use it and the elements how u want to and change things which aren't working. A good lesson to learn,
Jo xxx


First of all, what's wrong with looking like a posh Sunday supplement? lol- there can be some wonderfully inspiring design work in there! I keep going back for another look - one of my thoughts is that I really liked the vertical block of text but without the horizontal one! The vertical text says "mountains" to me and emphasizes the climb and the view; and I think it helps the eye to start at the top of the page and travel downwards before moving across from left to right


I like the vertical strip - but not with horizontal text! Nothing wrong with a bit of neck exercise and reading sideways LOL! I might have had the story bit there and the 2nd part with the quote next to the shoes on the horizontal panel, but like your current version very much indeed :o)


Right decision? Oh Yes - I like it just as it is.


My favourite bit? the sideways shot of the shoes which merges into the main photograph. I seem to be in the minority here but I like the vertical journalling.


I think less is more...the simpler the better. I like that you omitted that last bit. And - I love the surprise and contrast of the feet with the landscape. Clever and creative!


I would have left it in but you know me, the more the merrier.


I like the vertical copy : o-u-t!, too. And I love the whole page. Just quite nice; just quite. Poetic, I think.


Wow! Love ur LO!


Gotta say I prefer it without! Though, had you not had the comparison to make, not sure I would have thought "hmmm... really wish she hadn't put that there" either... Great layout!


I think one or the other, but not both. I want something to be at the top left - but what do I know? You do this style so well and I just want to fill up any available white space :)


I like both the vertical and the horizontal text blocks, but not at the same time!


Hi Alexa, catching up this afternoon. How I would love a natter about design but what I know about design you could write on a postage stamp, I rely on you for inspiration! I like one or other not both too.


That's a great idea, to turn the page. I would not have thought of it myself so love being inspired. You made the right decision to take out the extra journalling. It looks clean and inviting as it is. Lovely journalling, and quote.


I like both designs, but as I am more of a cluttered person (!) my favourite is actually with it in.


this is stunning alexa! i love the perfect simplicity of it...and with you...i really think less is more...now if only i could apply that principle myself!!!

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