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Monday, 09 January 2012


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Stunning Alexa! Absolutely stunning :)

Jacky S

A glorious photo,Alexa.....and perfect journaling as always.

Julie Kirk

Ahh. This is *just* what I needed to hear. Too bright. Of course. I'm going to remember that!


well clearly the lessons of going with the "flow" have stayed with you!


Sometimes....we have to throw caution to the wind. A fantastic photo and perfect journaling.


absolutely perfect... words... photos... emotions... captured... this time...


Gloriously inspiring writing! You ROCK!


Looks like one of those inspiration posters you see hanging in managers' offices :) Stunningly beautiful in it's elegance and minimal style. Px


You do pass by some stunning places Alexa. Gorgeous picture!

Wanda Jorgensen

This is a forever image...one of those that will always remind you of place, time, and companions. Wonderful!


It's a bit like "simply" isn't it? I think "simply" and "sometimes" go together very well


Sometimes is such a wonderful sentiment. It leaves room for possibility and hope and dreams. Perfect..and an absolutely stunning image!


My word for this year is NOW, because I'm always looking ahead to the next thing and sometimes failing to appreciate what I've got right here and NOW. Your photos are simply beautiful, I wish I'd taken them ...


This is an absolutely out-of-this-world stunning photo, accompanied by most eloquent prose. As one reader said, a "forever" piece.
Thank you ever so much for sharing. I shall revisit often.


Yes I like sometimes and simply, they are kind of ordinary in their sound but never in their connotation. Beautiful Alexa both words and pictures


wow I totally love it! Great sentiment xxx


Beautiful - I like the thought of it being so bright :)

kate Adderley

Perfect picture Alexa, it looks like the heavens were shining down on you, you take the most wonderful photos and the words are just as beautiful

Karen Walker

Just beautiful, Alexa. I love the long narrow photo superimposed on the larger one.


Just beautiful, Alexa. The photo and your words say so much more.

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