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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


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A beautiful memory Alexa, as is the photo and I am sure this is the sort of story your grown children would love to hear - I know I do about my own parents.

Karen Walker

What a wonderful theme to adopt. I love this photo and the story is one I'm sure your children will be glad to know. I'm taking an online course in developing a photography workflow. The lesson I did yesterday was the about the importance of curating your memories. This is just what they were advocating!

Jacky S

A simply wonderful story to pass on,Alexa....but how did you manage to get to 23 without meeting Pooh??


great photo, lovely page, and brilliant quote!


A beautiful way to use your sketch Alexa. I don't think I've been read to since I was about 8 lol (unless you count audio books). So you're lucky. Looking forward to seeing what you're Pass The Page entries will all look like :) Px

Wanda Jorgensen

Brilliant, and a terrific interpretation of the theme page you presented in your last post.


Do you know Alexa? I was looking after my toddler grandchild yesterday and while she slept I browsed my daughters 'Life Lessons from Winnie the Pooh' book and copied out quotes!! They are inspiring and so fitting. I love the one you used on your page and your idea of Quotes and Notes.
I'm also excited to hear about Pass the Page. I'll certainly be checking in and blog hopping!


What a lovely memory Alexa. Pooh wasn't part of my childhood either, although I knew of A A Milne in the form of The King's Breakfast. We had to perform it at primary school and I was the dairymaid!


How lovely! Yes, I have been thinking about a theme too - I have started jotting down a few Guiding memories for mine..

Julie Jeavons

I'm behind with my Google Reader (again!!!) so I think I'm coming at these posts in the wrong order!
I often think that I had a deprived childhood - I don't remember Winne the Pooh, or Beatrix Potter, or other classics. Oh I tell a lie - I do remember reading Enid Blyton's the Far Away Tree, Noddy and Rupert Annuals.

Julie Jeavons

Oh and thanks for the blog hop mention - not long now....

Alison McInnes

What a great idea to have a theme Alexa...and you can't go wrong with Winnie-the-Pooh quotes( and Dr Seuss!)
Alison xx


A theme now there's an idea, great page Alexa.


Another lovely, thoughtful page Alexa - looking forward to the big reveal on Friday - just getting my own post ready now!

Jen Hart

Lovely page and such lovely memories. A little something would be lovely right about now.


Just lovely :) Looking forward to seeing more of what you've up to tomorrow.


Love seeing the page design interpreted with a real life story from the past. Super idea and one I'm sure the kiddos will treasure, down the road. This is just a great way to jump-start and recall our memories and to pass them along. Thx for sharing; looking forward to tomorrow's big reveal!



Love the page and the idea behind it.

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