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Friday, 20 January 2012


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Well, the end of the journey... what a fascinating one it's been!
We started with multiple photos on a dark and busy background, with zingy embellishments and bright colours.
We end with one single photo, of a quiet family moment, on a calm white background - though the bright colours are still there, in the papers and little "beads". Such a lovely page - not busy at all, but a delight to look at.
I really have enjoyed joining in with this project. Amazing to see the final results - I can't believe how very different every single page has been.

We should do this again some time...

Jacky S

This is such a lovely,happy page,Alexa. I love the 'wonkiness' and the multi-layers [you won't be surprised to hear that!!]....the colours picked from the dress.....and it looks perfect against the white background.
I'm also pleased to see someone else who is the 'shorter one' in the family!!

Alison McInnes

I agree wholeheartedly with Lizzie..we must do it again! I have so enjoyed seeing how different all the pages have been, and how we arrived at your version of the original...it's a lovely page and even though you have used much of Deb's inspiration, it's very 'you'
Alison xx


Alexa, what a beautiful page to end up with! It has everything I have enjoyed through the hop all brought together with panache: great design, stylish colour combination, heartfelt journaling. What's not to love?


A fitting finale to a very inspiring project. Another lovely page. Well done everyone involved.


What a brilliant project to be involved in and it's produced another stunning LO from you. You capture very poignant memories. Love the colours and patterns that have found their way into your design. Beautifully subtle and helps maintain your beautiful CAS design style. Have a wonderful weekend too. Toot-toot back. Px

Margie Visnick

I love this! Beautiful!


I really enjoyed this Blog Hop and I love your page

Twinkle Star

Your layout is so clean and fresh and easy on the eye! I have really enjoyed the blog hop and loved how the layout changed dramatically from Start to finish! x

Jessica Fitzhenry

Fab page!

Kirsty Frisby

An absolutely gorgeous end to the blog hop. A digital page just seems so fitting and it is a lovely one, so crisp & clean, with the most beautiful photo.


What a amazing progression this has been!!!! Your final page is so amazingly far from the first one! I love that about scrapbooking, the inspiration we all get from each other is so unique! Wonderful work Alexa!


What a journey this has been! I've really enjoyed taking part in this and watching it morph along the way, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Its been great fun and I love the way it has ended up. Lovely clean layout and a wonderful story - perfect.


WOW Alexa - another page full of great text, paper, embellies and a lovely happy photo. Love how you've brought Deb's page into your home and made it your own!
A great end to a lovely hop!


That's lovely Alexa. The journalling is from the heart and though there are so many similarities between your and Deb's pages they are both unique.
I've loved visiting all these pages and what a wonderful way to end.


Beautiful, balanced, happy - it's a lovely page. To me it looks so different in style from Deb's pretty page but then you listed out all the similarities LOL!


Alexa, I bet you were surprised when you saw the original layout! In some ways, your layout does have elements that resemble Julie's page and I think Sian's comment is spot on!

Karen Walker

I'm late to comment, and after reading the others have to concur: great layout and great end to a fun blog hop. I especially love your journaling and the beautiful family photo.


Alexa!! I love the grande finale! This has been most enjoyable :) Your layout is beautiful, I love the bright patterns you used and how the go so well with the photo :) I love how you changed the design up to add vertical journaling :)


A beautiful ending to fun 'pass the page' Alexa! We finished with your clean & bright, white LO from a beginning of vivid colours & textures, & I think that is marvellous!
What lovely journaling on your page, & love your beaded embellishments...just top it off splendidly! Thanks you for your kind words about my LO too.

This has been an amazing journey, hasn't it! And one I would do again!


a perfect ending and what a contrast to the original page! Your page is gorgeous and made me smile - I haven't experienced one of these "double" weddings while I have lived here (only been invited to one or the other - never both), but it was something new for me and even more so when the civil wedding is held a long time before the church one ;-)

Such a lovely family photo. Thanks for sharing.

Wanda Jorgensen

What a fun project--it was quite a transformation from beginning to end!

Lea Patterson

What a great finish! Love the look of the little buttons and the rounded corners.


This has been such a fun journey to take! A beautiful poignant page and such a difference from the beginning.


Oh what a wonderful page - I am always a little envious of those who use white space so well. Nicely done.


A lovely layout - I really like the way you have such clean white space in your layouts - I just can't do it!

Julie Jeavons

Thanks for taking part and for rounding off the blog hop so beautifully. We can always rely on you to finish on a high note.
Love your page - especially the line of beads. And your son reminds me of one of my old Uni friends.


A great ending to an interesting and inspiring journey through blogland. A beautiful clean crisp page Alexa, what a lovely family photo too. I have had a great time hopping around and will be back soon xxx


Such a lovely layout. So very similar to Julie's - touch of red, a bit of splatter (effect) and a great piece of journalling - but oh so different too. What a great way to end the story :)


Great use of white space and I love the various papers "matting" the photo which is marvelous!


Another unique page - and blimey, what a difference to the first one that was sent out. I love what you have done, and the use of the white space.


Hi lovely Alexa,

I have so loved looking at your blog..you are really amazing!

Following your recent blog hopper prowess on Julie Jeavons Pass the Page Blog Hop you were the lucky duck & won the participants prize.

I would love to mail it to you, so pop me an email & I will post it quick sticks.

Congrats & cheers, Debi Clark

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