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Friday, 06 January 2012


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That's a great word to choose. And it sounds like a fairly brave decision too, if you are returning to dance classes, after a lot of years... I took ballet classes all the way from age 3 until I was around 21 or 22 years old. Maybe I should consider trying again - the discipline and structure of ballet would probably be good for me, not to mention the exercise!
I wish you luck with your new (reprised) endeavour and hope the Dance will make its way into other areas of your life, giving you renewed energy and vigour.

Happy New Year - to you and all the family. Have a wonderful 2012!


What a beautiful word..and image to go with it. Altho it took me awhile to believe in the power of 'intention' - I have to say..it does work. My word for this year (or two) is 'be brave'. We'll see where that will go...


I have signed up to this class with what seems like the same question you faced.
I first thought that dance for you was metaphorical, however it enters your life will be a good thing I am sure. I want to find contentment which I am hoping, no, more than hoping, will come through creating so create and contentment are my words.


Create and contentment sound such lovely words :) and I'll be following along, Miriam. Yes, I did mean metaphorical (but perhaps practical too), so the shoes are, I guess, a visual and very present reminder to myself.


I had a shiver of delight run through me when I saw your word! I am so excited for you and understand the bravery it requires. I didn't find the bravery until it was too late...now in my early 50s and bilateral knee surgery behind me and knee arthritis with me I won't be able to take this path of course a good bit of the damage is a reult of years of dance so protect the knees lol). I am going to live vicariously through you, Alexa, so please share with us.


Hi Beverly and thank-you so much for sharing my excitement! I can hear that it has echoes for you too.... I am not sure how much physical dance the word will bring me into contact with this year, and I am hoping to dance in and through my life metaphorically in lots of different ways this year. You have me hoping now that some of what I discover and share might have a relevance for you too - and that you will be able to find other or new ways of dancing again too. :)


Dancing both physically and metaphorically are glorious things for the soul. May both of us be lightened and filled with the joy that the dance of life brings in 2012 ;)


Lovely word - the ones I am toying with are so boring in comparison - I think I will need to think again. Enjoy the dance :0)


You write so well I love reading your posts. Good luck with "dance" may it take you where you need to go. Love the shoes as well they were my favourites as a child. Away to look at them online.


What a lovely post, Alexa, and such a lovely word to choose. It gave me a warm hug and big smile just to think about it. I am pondering my word. Like you, my word for last year meant a great deal and had a sense of purpose that sustained me throughout. I am thinking carefully this year, and am inspired by your choice. Happy, happy dancing!!!

Wanda Jorgensen

I did a scrapbook layout of our daughter when she was 4 or 5. She was on a rocky Atlantic beach in Maine wearing shorts, a hoodie, and sneakers. Her pony tails were twisted and turned by the wind, and she was having the time of her life. I called that layout "Dancing with the Wind." Alexa, I wish you all that and more with your 2012 word.


I can imagine that this will be a good word for you Alexa - I'm glad that last year's word proved a good choice too.
Unfortunately I can't imagine a good word for myself and the cynic in me keeps suggesting "plod" or "grindstone" or "lump" ... I think I'd better not bother!


What a wonderful word to choose. It conjures up such a romantic whirl of a year in waiting. Come the New Year, you'll be treating us to your waltz :) Px

Karen Walker

I love the question you asked yourself about flow last year. It makes me think that generating that kind of question about my OLW would be very helpful. Marcie is right, you've chose a beautiful word and a beautiful image to illustrate it.


Dance is such a beautiful word and conjures up so many images for me. I hope it brings you joy and movement and freedom in 2012! Are you in OLW class again? I've signed up for the second year and am so ready! (My word is Focus).

Jo Sowerby

Soooooooooooooo happy another friend is joining in. My word for this year is BE. I am going to BE doing all sorts and hopefully this weekend will BE making a start on the first pages Ali gave us. I have found some gr8 quotes etc.
I love the idea of dance as ur word. It has elegance and grace (as do you) and there is so much fun, energy and love in that word and the images it conveys. See you in class,
Happy 2012 to you and urs,
Love Jo xxx


Oh, how lovely! As I scrolled down and it started to appear I could feel a smile starting to appear on my face, so I think this is a wonderful word. I hope you let us know how the dancing is going through the year

Jacky S

What a wonderful word,Alexa......and I am hoping that you will be physically dancing as well as metaphorically dancing!!


What a fitting word for you Alexa!! And I love the supporting layout. May your word inspire you, suit you, soothe you and move you!

No word for me... I find the whole process stressful. Something it oughtn't be...


I love that you bought the shoes - sometimes a physical item is needed for the symbolic (and you can always use them too!). I'm not doing the OLW or resolutions, but rather have picked some traits that I want to strengthen (and in some cases acquire). I love your page, it's beautiful and delicate.


mine is ...change!!


What a wonderful word for 2012 Alexa! And brilliant insights into your 2011 word. Thanks for an inspiring post:)
My words for this year are ECONOMICAL adn RESOURCEFUl. I wanted words that meant 'no waste'. Think I'll go and do a post on my blog like yours. I LOVE having a word for the year!

Jennie Hart

Gosh Alexa your command of this language that we share is quite something. I didn't know your OLW as I came to your blog sometime in the year but you describe it so well. As ever though less is always more with you and the word evokes to me exactly what has come through on your blog that you went with the flow last year.

I love Dance and I love that it feels so positive for you and I really look forward to how that comes through on your blog this year.

Happy New Year.

Jennie Hart

Oh and my word is strength, i'm not joining in with the class but it is a great idea. I need to garner some and use more in all sorts of ways.


Dance! What a lovely image your word conveys; makes me smile and want to get-up and start moving - literally and figuratively. I think your word is a wonderful choice, certainly it not only resonates with you but most of your blog readers, as conveyed by our comments. I can only echo the sentiments of those before me~ you did a fantastic job of sharing your words, their significance and impact on your life.
And I think I shall add your word to my repertoire on my *journey* ( my word).

Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

Alison McInnes

Lovely word Alexa...I keep trying to come up with a word, but so far it's evading me. last year's was 'effort' and that worked well for me
Alison xx


Great word and I love your reasonings behind it. I am very excited to hear about your dance journey, I hope you will share.

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