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Friday, 13 January 2012


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Thanks for the grid templates! Enjoy your weekend.

Karen Walker

What beautiful country you have to walk in! Thanks for the templates!


wow what a fantastic view.

Jacky S

I'm looking forward to maybe getting a 'foothold'!!!


Hang on in there - won't be long now!


With a vista like that, I'd happily 'head for the hills' too. Do enjoy your weekend. And I'm one of your readers who could benefit from a little foothold.


A beautiful view indeed.


I'd be heading for those hills too :o) Thankyou for sharing the templates, you are very generous Alexa xx


Was thinking of heading up into the Peak District tomorrow myself if the weather stays like it is today. Enjoy the fresh air :)

Alison McInnes

Enjoy your walking Alexa...

Alison xx


Gorgeous photo Alexa I really hope you have a wonderful weekend in the fresh air in that breathtaking scenery xxx


A lovely view - enjoy your walking the hope the weather is kind to you.


Thank you for sharing these, Alexa. I really do need to master PSE....
You'd struggle to hold me back from those wonderful hills. Have fun walking them and taking photos.

Wanda Jorgensen

Enjoy your weekend. Your destination looks absolutely beautiful and I hope the weather will be too. I suspect you will come back refreshed and with lots of pictures and stories to share.


What a gorgeous photo!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for the templates, Alexa. I really appreciate your downloads. x


Oh..thank-you for these. You're an inspiration to me...gently encouraging me to get my act together and do those scrapbooking projects I've been promising myself I will!


Hi Alexa!

Not my first time here in your blog but my first comment. Thank you for the wonderful template. :)


Hello Tracy and welcome, and thank-you for your lovely comment! Hoping they'll be useful to you. :)

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