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Monday, 02 January 2012


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Lesley Guest

Happy New Year Alexa. I hope it is a good one for you



I like short stories every bit as much as I like long ones! It's wonderful to see you back Alexa. I know 2011 had its challenges for you and the family and I'm very much hoping that 2012 will be easier for you all. Happy New Year! (..and thank you for thinking about Storytelling Sunday in the middle of everything else)


Welcome back! It's so inspiring to me to see and read how you record the 'moment's (high or low). Wishing you smoother sailing as we begin the new year!

Jacky S

Happy New Year,Alexa......hope it will be much more on an even keel.


The best 2012 to you Alexa. It is great to see you back in the blogosphere...I hope your parents' health remains steady, as well as your family's. Know that you've been thought about and sent well-wishes.


Happy New Year Alexa! I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity in 2012. Glad to see 2011 behind us!


Great photos in the page and I know it has been tough - Here's to a better 2012. I love the style of your Journal. Well done for doing it. xx


happy new year here's hoping that 2012 is a good year for us and our families xxx


Hope the year is more high than low. Love the pages they are so sleek and look effortless.


Happy New Year Alexa - can't read any of the page, including the number-bit, but the page design looks fab!


Good to see you back, it tells me life is on an even keel again for you, lets hope it stays that way. Happy New Year to you all x


Some stories don't need to be long. This one said all that was needed and had "pictures and conversations" too!
I like your Page - the photos are fab- all that cheery red.
I am sorry you had all the medical emergencies... we had a Christmas like that, a couple of years back. This year's was emergency-free...I'm hoping that will stay the case for the remainder of the winter! Glad the panics are over and I hope both parents are firmly on the mend (as far as possible); also that you will have time to relax a bit and catch your breath. It is very exhausting, caring for elderly parents, especially when they are ill. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2012 is a good year for all of your family. XX


That's a lovely page containing as it does the ebb and flow of family life. And being a Granny, well that's the best occupation ever! Do hope you have a calmer start to 2012 and best wishes for the New Year.


Lovely to see you back and hoping that things even out for you - I loved the wey-hey also!


Alexa - so happy to see this post :) I love your format including the numbers. I hope 2012 is full of good health and many happy stories :)


Lovely to see you returning to blogland Alexa :) And with yet another wonderful LO containing superb journalling. Px

Wanda Jorgensen

So glad to see you back, Alexa, and I hope that things really do settle down for you. Meantime, you've once again managed to capture your family's memories in a concise and meaningful way. Take care...

Michelle Easters

Great page and being together is always the most precious gift I hope you have a fantastic 2012 x


Lovely pages Alexa. HOpe you have a smooth 2012. Look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. Loved that sheets/comforter analogy! So well written!


Oh YES that is SO much better - THANK YOU!
In fact, as ever, you have inspired me with your lovely journalling - I have drawn a sad line under my JYC after a mere 5 days, despite taking notes for much of the remaining month, I know that it will be too draining to force myself to complete the album in the style which it deserves! Instead I think I will do a numbers page for Christmas/December 2011 - a bit like Seffie's, but focussed on festivities rather than daily life.
Here's to a better, calmer, healthier 2012 and may your grandma-hood continue to bring you much joy and many photo opportunities!


So sorry you have experienced such lows in the last month Alexa. I was very happy to see your blog pop up in my reader this evening :o)Wishing you a calm and creative 2012 xx


Wishing you smooth sailing in the New Year, Alexa. Hoping there are just as smooth as the imagery in your opening lines - I do enjoy reading your stories and thoughts. All the best, S.


Happy New Year Alexa. Hope 2012 is a much easier year for you.

Karen Walker

Happy New Year! I think these two pages are a wonderful capsule of your December. They make me wonder if that's not a good plan instead of the Christmas Journal which takes so much time. I hope 2012 is less stressful for you and your family.


Thank-you, Gail ... Lovely to 'meet' you on here - I've tried to find an email or a weblink for you, so if you'd like to leave one, I'll be happy to come and visit you too!


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That’s weird that my comment didn’t provide the link – usually it does when its typepad to typepad.   My blog is at http://scrappyknitter.typepad.com/odds_and_ends/  

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