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Wednesday, 04 January 2012


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What an excellent idea. You've recycled it beautifully. And very useful too. As much as I like my techie stuff, when it comes to making notes and getting "stuff" out of my head, there's nothing like pen and paper. Whenever I read an article from someone who has a creative life, I find they keep a notebook too. Pxx

Wanda Jorgensen

Very pretty and uniquely yours too...and the go-along story makes it that much more special. Enjoy your journal.


oh your journal/diary/planner is beautiful! And your writing about it has put a smile on my face - you have such a way with words!! Happy New Year Alexa and family!

Karen Walker

Oh, it's just beautiful, and when you make it yourself it fits your purposes so much better than anything you could buy!


This made me laugh and it looks beautiful - enjoy it. Has he found his pointy tool yet or did you tell him to stick it somewhere :0)


Pockets are always very very good! And it looks beautiful. I'm low tech too - TTO always chooses me a lovely diary as a Christmas present


I'm thinking even Kelly Rae might consider it upcycled given that it's use as a 2010 diary no longer existed. It's beautiful and what a great idea! I bought a pretty little planner for 2012 and already finding it lacking (no pockets, no extra pages...)


There's nothing quite like an old fashioned diary that never needs it's batteries replaced, never needs recharging and is large enough to be found rather than hiding itself in the nether regions of your handbag. I always have a diary - every year! Love the idea of pockets inside it, that's a useful inclusion for a scrapbooker - clever idea!


Beautifully reworked Alexa

Jacky S

This really made me smile,Alexa....and I so agree that nothing beats a 'real' diary....except one that is so beautiful and has been vastly improved on with pockets and plain pages.....and I certainly don't want my head exploding with all I'd have to keep in it without a diary.....and unlike a PDA it's never going to crash,is it? Just perfect.


I love your upcycling of the old diary. What a great idea to take it apart and add the pages you need to suit your own purpose. Low tech all the way here too xx


For most things I take the high tech route but when it comes to diaries I also prefer the pen and paper option! Your's looks lovely.


your post made me smile.....i'm with you there - give me a diary any day! and your new diary looks gorgeous.


Oh this was so fun to read and such a deft ending...love it. And your new "pda " is just perfect. Use it in great health and with great purpose.

Julie Jeavons

There's nothing quite like the feel of a book. I had a pda type thing many years ago when they were still quite new. I never quite got the hang of it and they are just nowhere near so pretty.


Yes another one who loves a real diary, with pockets that I have made too, yours is beautiful, you are a woman after my own heart Alexa!


Alexa, it is gorgeous and very "upcycled" I believe. I am sure KRR would love it and it may even give her some ideas of what should be included in a proper planner/journal. It is good that even though Himself's brain works very differently he can appreciate your great talent ;)


What a brilliant idea, executed beautifully! Happy New Year, hope to see you soon x


Oh I LOVED this - it made me smile, it made me LAUGH out loud, it provided reassurance that it's not just me/us, and I'm amazed at your clever recycling!


Like you, I would far rather have a "real" book!
Of course, you'll be saying "Has anyone seen my special pen?" quite a lot...

It's really gorgeous, Alexa. Himself (with his clever pda and his ipad) doesn't know what he's missing. You could make one for him too ... who knows, he might even enjoy it!

Jo Sowerby

I am sure ur version is soooooo much more effective than a PDA, which in the NHS means something else completely so I got a tad confused for a mo, ;)).
Love the ''new'' book,
Jo xxx


I love this post and I love your journal too - much better than a PDA!


I agree completely - nothing can replace paper pages.
I love the way you have repurposed Kelly Rae's diary - I want to stroke it - it looks gorgeous. I can see why you wanted to use the pages again.

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