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Monday, 16 January 2012


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Well, I am glad it is only ONE embellishment, I would consider that an outright act of bravery!
With three more weeks of holidays here, cocktail hour seems to start rather early!


Love your choice of inspiration. ONE embellishment... I look forward to seeing what you choose!


Great looking sketch Alexa. Plenty of scope for creating different LOs with. And if you're only allowed one embellishment, why not make it a huge one lol. Pxx

Jacky S

A great sketch,Alexa....I sometimes wish I could stick to just one embellishment!!


ooh, yes please! It's freezing here today.

I have spotted a sketch to use, but have got no further than that. I'm still labouring under a project which refuses to come together the way I want it too. But once I've conquered that, I'm just-one-sketching too


I'll take one of each: cocktail and the sketch. Love the color palette, quote...the whole nine yards of inspiration. I'm thinkin' you're onto something...


Like your sketch..looking forward to seeing the finished project...I've still to settle on a sketch!
Alison xx


Ooh yes, I like your sketch and what's not to love about the yellow and grey combination. No cocktails here, but sunshine aplenty, although it's still freezing!
You are one of the winners in my draw, named on the blog today:)


Bitterly cold here today sunshine would be good!

Great sketch and inspiration. I've chosen my sketch just need to get some time to put it together.


Arghh! Thank goodness Google Reader knows about your Alexa - because it hadn't told me of any updates to the Just One Sketch one! Off to check out what's what!

Love your take, but I couldn't stick to just one embellishment ... how am I supposed to use stuff up with that attitude?!?!?!


It's a greqat idea using an advert for inspiration, Alexa. I remember you doing that once before. I never think to do that, then again I do tend to freestyle. Start with a blank page and let it evolve. Perhaps that's why I should follow Miss Smith's sketches. I signed up but will it be another class that gets unfinished or even unstarted?! Hope not!


LOL of course that should have been "your blog Alexa"

Stupid laptop doesn't know how to type what I mean rather than what I key in!


Sleek and stylish! Love your sketch :)


Love this Alexa. I have found my sketch, just need a day off! ...and a cocktail would be lovely.


I have some sunshine but a cocktail would be nice too. I always admire your templates and how you take inspiration from magazine design. I think it's something I should give more thought to. Your photos and beautiful words don't need any embellishment.


I'm not so big on cocktails, but I'd LOVE some sunshine about now!!!


I love the inspiration for the sketch and I adore the "A" in your blog header. I enjoy your blog as well; it's simple and has a calming effect.

Julie Jeavons

Refined and elegant - lacking in unnecessary frippery (gotta love that word). Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly would have scrapped like this.


Make mine a Margarita ;-) Love the inspiration for this post and if anyone sees the sunshine, please send it my way - I'm fed up with chilly, cloudy January!

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