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Saturday, 10 December 2011


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Despite all of your unexpected constraints, it looks as though a lovely album is coming together.

Karen Walker

Your chunks are producing quite lovely pages, Alexa. I've done one marathon session, and am keeping a list and hoping for another marathon session soon!


Micro-scrapping definitely seems to be working - nice pages!

Paul B

Well you wouldn't know from looking at these pages that they were done in micro chunks. There's certainly no lack in your high quality design & journaling skills. Keep 'em coming :) Pxx


Beautiful pages Alexa - great template as it allows you plenty of flexibility!


Micro Chunks! love it. I love the dog under the table and the goodies from Europe look divine.


I'm applying the same principle to housework at the moment - though the chunks are very micro indeed. And they certainly haven't been producing beautiful results like these!


Never mind December projects, it's the only way I'm keeping December going!! Though I finished writing my Christmas cards today, so that's a bit chunk out of the way.... Your project is looking gorgeous xx


The chunking approach seems to be working very well for you. Lovely pages so far. I am woefully behind with my December Daily/JYC. At the moment it consists of a stack of pages cut this afternoon and a few hastily scribbled notes!


Lovin' your approach and especially the results. Your creativity and execution are inspiring. Lookin' fwd to the next chunk or two or three...


Chunks are happening here for sure! I love that photo of the postal delights, beautiful packages :)


Love the 'chunking'! I think I should try that here....


Yay, congrats. They are done! It sounds as though your method is working. I would definitely not be able to keep on top of something if I had to multi task as much.


Love the series of 'chunks'..and your way of capturing the moments. Terrific!


Such a good idea. Maybe I should try "micro scrapping" too. I might even get something done for a change!
Actually, it should be "micro card-making" as I haven't made any Christmas cards since September, when I rustled up a few as samples for a course-pitch....

The album is coming along, Alexa - it's going to be lovely to look back on over the coming year. All those little snap-shot memories stored away for ever!

And, thank you for my lovely Christmas card - with matching envelope and friendly, kind message. Really nice surprise. Now I owe you one myself... I promise to Try! X

Jacky S

What a great term...and the pages are developing beautifully.


At least you've "chunked", more than I can say I've done! You've done a fabulous job and will have it come together! Just because it's December Daily doesn't mean it has to be DONE in December ya'know?!


Oh you do make me laugh, Alexa. I may just have to try Chunking because Christmas is not happening for me this year! I just wrote my cards this evening and as for JYC - it is still blank pages on the workdesk. I admire the way you achieve all you do, your Christmas pages are looking so good.


I'm afraid I didn't get as far as a single page on my Dec Daily so I admire your efforts!


Hi Alexa, taking a knife to chunks of chocolate?! I havent the patience or self control, a nice big bite will do me nicely ;-)

Thank you for my lovely card, I got all excited because I got an envelope with stitching on it, lol, very unique, very cool :-)


Thanks for your card - it is beautiful. Have a fantastic Christmas and a fabulous New Year. xx

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