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Wednesday, 07 December 2011


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Ha! Best laid plans?! Your original design work may come in handy for another project... a vacation album perhaps? Love your new designs, too. They are very like my POTD project - one photo and some writing. It is the only way I can get it done.


Looking good to me Alexa - I think sometimes we think too far in advance: I thought I was ready - and I'm sure I will be, just not yet!


Jemma makes a really good point. I have to be strict with myself about designs and papers and changing my mind, it is easy to get carried away when seeing what everyone else does.

The right design is the one that suits you at the time. It will look good because it is what you can work with happily.

Good luck, it looks great from this perspective!

Paul B

Well if this is the high standard you have already achieved, with such elegant design and evocative journaling, your December Daily album 2011, will look superb in its new incarnation. I'm sure there's something written in buddhism or similar about the stronger trees bending with the wind. And this shows so well in your ability to adapt your plans to meet unexpected circumstances. Pxx


Lovely journalling which captures the moment. Yes sometimes we have to adapt to the landscape around us.


This is beautiful and 'so you' Alexa. I'm with Jemma & Amy here. x


I started strong...but have fallen behind.


Love the simplicity, isn't DONE so much better than PERFECTION? (although I think your pages look perfect:))


Can't get any better than this. A friend of mine was fond of saying: "Nothing beats a failure but a try" and recently I read that one shouldn't try but do! I'd say you are definitely in the latter's camp and these first two pages are proof positive that you're capturing and documenting the story. Carry on!


I've just found your blog and love it. Its so nice to have a complete change from lots and lots of layers and embellishments and mess!

Jacky S

I think the wonderful simplicity of this is entirely you.


Your new plan looks as though it's working for you...I changed mine to ever-so-simple at the last minute too!
Alison xx

Jennie Hart

Well, beautiful journaling from you goes without saying Alexa, I always admire it and more importantly am moved and enjoy it. I don't know how you manage the poignant without posturing and keep it very interesting. Without sounding stalker-ish I would love to while away an afternoon musing through your albums, what a set of keepsakes that will be treasured by you and your family.

You do inspire me to look at the detail of an event and then snap it and journal it. It would be so easy to write "we did this today, and 'fred-bob' did this and it made me feel". But, to journal a moment which takes you will mean more in the long term, this is what separates the document from the story.


Not sure if I comment here or in response on my own blog!!
Life book starts in January and is a year long course which I am really excited about! What is December daily? I was tempted to do Shimelle's journal your christmas course because I'm so excited for the festive season.


I think your new plan is working!! I love the simplicity of these singular images with a 'story' to tell.


Lovely post Alexa. Your pages are beautiful. I am trying to keep my JYC simple but have yet to complete one page. Sadly life is just too busy right now.

Karen Walker

Your journaling here is a testament to why December Dailies or Christmas Journals are so important!

Wanda Jorgensen

I love your "rolling back the years" page. Your journaling, as always, is heartfelt and a treasure all by itself, but we also get a tiny glimpse of your home in this photo. What do I see? First of all, warmth--through your choice of finishes and lighting. Second, spotting filled-to-capacity shelves, a love of books. And last, love--by saving all those youthful things so a much older child can enjoy her past as well. All in all, a truly delightful page.

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