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Tuesday, 06 December 2011


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Good to know you are still able to come up for a breath of fresh air, now and then...snow!


Hi Alexa :) It's been crazy here as well with very little time for arts and crafts let alone blogging, but I must say - it is nice to see you post a photo :) Take care and I hope things slow down a bit for you.


Hope everything's going OK. Lovely photo :D

Jacky S

I hope it's soon all under control. It's certainly looking like December up there.


What a beautiful picture! Stay in, stay warm so glad to have news of you x


Take care Alexa, I hope calm is restored soon.


Gosh Alexa, lots of snow! We have none (so far).

Hope all is calming down with you now. It's a busy time of year anyway... I'm about to log off to go and do my duty - Mother's cat needs boosters at the vet.

Have a good week! X


((HUGS)) from down south Alexa. Hope it all blows over soon, and peace returns to your household.

Karen Walker

No need to apologize. I think lots of us are buried under as well---fortunately not under snow here. Yet.


Sending you calm and peaceful December thoughts. Take care.


A pretty view, but I know the trouble it's causing you! I hope things settle down a bit very soon.


WOW - we're still picking raspberries here - no sign of snow!
Sending happy thoughts your way ♥

Alison McInnes

Hope things settle down soon Alexa...take care in all that snow!
Alison xx


Thinking of you - I've gone AWOL too. Hope everything sorts out and lovely shot of snow. x


hope it all calms down for you soon xx great photo xx


Oh my! After our freak snow storm in October, we haven't seen any more of that and temps have been unseasonably warm (I am NOT complaining! I love it!). Hope everything settles down for you soon and you can get the whole body out of the water!

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