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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


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Paul B

That's the wonderful aspect about creativity, is that it is ever evolving. Good to see you having a Eureka moment! I wonder where it'll take you and what goodies you'll make. :) Px


I haven't found Vincent amongst my things but I now have "starry, starry night, paint your palletes blue and grey..." in my head.


Beautiful ... whatever it is! Never heard of collographs!


What a lovely thought for Wednesday! I shall start looking out for a little creative surprise for today


I suspect that just about anything found inside a book titled "Vincent" would have to be fabulous!


It's amazing how our unconscious minds work...where we find what we'd thought we'd once lost and what inspires us! Looks like an exciting 'new direction'???


Interesting thought Alexa. I'll be looking for my Vincent moment too:)


....its nice when something you've completely forgotten about pops up!!


That looks very interesting Alexa, and, you have reminded me of a Vincent book that I have tucked away in a box somewhere ....


That looks like a treasure Alexa, what a wonderful surprise for you :)


What a lovely suprise it's beautiful.


Ah! Discoveries! Unexpected pleasures! Make the heart sing and the steps, a lot lighter. Always a good thing.
So glad you 'found' and especially, shared...doing so plants a seed for our own serendipitous moments.


I do that too - like when I moved my craft mat and discovered stuff I'd put under them to keep flat!! These look awesome!

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