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Friday, 04 November 2011


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Jennie Hart

I love the googleplex, not times a googleplex but a lot :)

Those plundered pages look fabulous.


What a gorgeous collection of vintage goodies! So what was you younger brother's nickname?

Julie Kirk

You don't know how happy that makes me!! I'm a googleplex happy! You were definitely meant to get that packet - how amazing. Three cheers for Bunny Cuddles!

Thanks for your very kind words. As ever.

Julie x

Paul B

I can understand your excitement at receiving such a fantastic array of goodies. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with them. Px


How amazing that was in your packet - what a lovely package - I must admit I have eyed those up too - I'm even more tempted now!


What an amazing and very happy coincidence:)I was thinking that Googleplex would be a complex you developed after turning to Google on far more occasions than can be healthy!


Don't hesitate - Julie has never disappointed me yet. :)


Brillant! Really made me smile!


Buggles. Who needed cuddles.


Serendipity truly at work! Isn't it amazing how the ol' brain with just that little bit of visual stimulation made the connection in a nano instance?
Looks like a fun kit that will have even more significance. Enjoy!

Tracey Jackson

Hi Thankyou for your lovely comments on IACW, you asked about glue books, I use a 5x8inch plain cahire moleskine and simply glue stuff in with a good quality glue stick, my fave is the Amos one as I find Pritt too gloopy, I do actually glue the moleskine pages together first to give a little substance to them as they are quite thin, you can see more about glue books here - http://bluebirdpaperie.blogspot.com/search/label/glue%20book and also here - http://gingersnapcreations.blogspot.com/2011/10/mary-green-fun-with-vintage-gluebooks.html

Hope that helps, have a lovely weekend xxx


I've been spying Julie's packs too. What were the chances of this popping up at just the right time.......not a googleplex!! great post made me smile!


I was about to ask Esther's question, I was wondering if he was Bunny or Cuddles, but I see he is a hybrid!
I've never visited Julie's etsy store - seems like now is the time .. thanks a googleplex!

Wanda Jorgensen

So it seems that googleplex X serendipity is one happy family. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer person!


It's another one of those happy "Treasures" coincidences. Although "Coincidence" doesn't really cover it, does it?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

Karen Walker

What perfect timing! We were just having a conversation at lunch about lost bits of memory, and how hard it is to retrieve them. How fabulous that it fell out of a package with such great goodies.


Such fun how 'googleplex' and 'serendipity' aligned themselves and provided you the perfect answer!!

Kirsty Neale

Wow! That's the kind of amazing story you'd claim was far-fetched if someone had made it up. ;)

And that Julie is definitely a tiny-but-mighty serendipity magnet. You wouldn't believe the trail of coincidences and commonalities we've discovered over the last few years.


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