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Friday, 11 November 2011


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It's beautiful.


What a lovely layout!


beautiful layout and sentiments.


As always your journalling moves me - beautiful


That is quite lovely and very poignant. You so often post something to make me stop and think. Thank you Alexa.


I agree absolutley beautiful! Thanks for sharing Alexa.

Paul B

Another very beautiful layout. I love the idea of the two of you making the outline of the number 11. I wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't for your keen eye. And yes, we were on the motorway at the time but I turned Radio 4 on so that we could observe a 2 minutes silence. Pxx

Alison McInnes

Beautiful Alexa...everything about it!
Alison xx


Yes, it beautiful, and making me catch my breath at 9am on a Saturday morning as I'm rushing out to the supermarket!
As I stopped at 11am yesterday morning, all I could think of in my mind was the word 'peace' and how little of it there seems to be ... thank you for adding some peace to the day!


WOW - you never cease to amaze me Alexa - a stunning photo, beautiful words and a wonderful page!


This takes my breath away! It is incredible and a wonderful appreciation for and of life. Thanks ever so much for sharing...and reminding...and inspiring.
As for the challenge, I'd have to say you totally exceeded it!


This is stunning - I don't think you cheated at at all. I think you've created something beautiful.

Love it.


What a beautiful way to honor and remember the day. So creative - what you do - with your 'journalling'!


Beautiful image and words, and I also loved that you saw your shapes as 11. I always enjoy the calm, reflective space that surrounds your words - not just on the page but mentally (I don't think I've expressed that very well, but hopefully you'll know what I mean!)


Beautiful photograph and beautifully poignant journalling, but then I wouldn't expect anything less from you.


Everything about this is beautiful, the journaling, the curvature of the journaling, along with the photo, it makes it stunning!

Karen Walker

Just beautiful . . .

Scrappin Shonie

I like how the simplicity of your layout draws your eye to the beautiful photo.


What a stunning photograph. Gorgeous


Lovely! Both prose and pic! I love how you let the writing be embellishment upon the page! What success you had at combining all those challenges on one page!!

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